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  1. Sorry about not having prices up before, just wanted to get a feel for interest. Asking Prices: (if you have offers let me know, either for individual item or whole lot) Steering Wheel - $75 Parts Catalogs - $20 each Valve Tools - $20 each Lights - $20 for set Catalogs - $20 each Wrenches -$10 each Sorry I don't have much more info on the parts- this isn't really my field. Anything I can tell you about them, just ask and I'll do my best.
  2. I am trying to sell a group of Model A parts, tools, and catalogs. I am open to offers, selling as a lot or selling a few pieces individually. Tools: What I have is in the picture let me know if you have any questions and I can take something aside and photograph it. Parts: Pair of lights with 1 glass section between them. Another Light of the same model with red glass. Steering Wheel I will include what information I have on the individual paper items, they are all original and in legible condition. -1925 Research Specification Book -2 Auto Owners Supply Books 1928 and 193? - Model A In
  3. Yep you are actually the second person who recognized the cache of Model A / early Ford / items. I am surprised how many people made it through that little stall in that little shop in Crewe. Some are photos, some are paper and seem like maybe printings or re-printings of the sketches. I'll take some individual pictures and maybe someone will make some connections.
  4. I bought a lot of antique automobilia items this week and among them I found these small pieces of paper (almost the size of a postcard) made of various materials that say C.F. Allen Patent on them. They are for various patents. A Doctors Automobile, another four wheel auto, a water wheel, and another item I am not sure about. C.F. Allen seems to be known for his railroad work and work with Pullman as their chief engineer but these are some of his other works, probably from the 1850's-90's. Can't find these images on the patent sight although I may with more time, perhaps they are unpublishe
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