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  1. Michael, I placed the order for the two parts the robber stops for the rear trunk .Count on them .I sent some picks and I hope that we are referring to the same parts[ you can see that mine where worn down as well and you can see them restored ] [new] Keep up the good work and at the end you will taste the pleasure of a great accomplishment.G
  2. You are welcome ,I found more which will help you to complete that part, I have finished the car and if you need any pictures of restored area do not hesitate to ask . It's been 2 weeks since I complete the restoration and I'm exhausted. It's not an easy car to restore.
  3. Hello Michael,attached are 3 pics that I find in my pictures I took ....But seems that I do not have the final connection ....I will try to find the one you are looking for George
  4. Hi Michael, Here is the address and the contact person [ Lazar] for the rear shocks .At that time he quoted me $ 700.00 complete with their core + shipping. Hope that will help. Apple Hydraulics 1610 Middle Road, Calverton NY 11933 800-882-7753, 631-369-9515 (voice 8:30-4:00 Eastern, M-F) 631-369-9516 (fax 24x7) LAZAR -contact person
  5. Hello Michael, Is a repair shop in New York area which sells and rebuilds as well the Delco Lovejoy twin cylinder ...I have to look for their address and contact person . The price is quite high [ $ 700-1000.00 piece ].
  6. Thank you Mark, I will try this afternoon to resolve the problem. George
  7. Hello Michael , I had them made by a friend of mine who is working in aeronautic industries and he made a mold .I will contact him to make 2 more and I will send them to you if you provide an address. The only thing that I did ...I give him the entire assembly. I will talk to him. George
  8. This are the images what are you talking about, I had to replace the rubber bushings and I think that, their primary roll is to adjust the trunk lid since they are adjustable up and down .....Saturday and Sunday I drove the car and I encounter some problems with the carburetor...seems that is not receiving sufficient gas and I have to look for a repair kit...any suggestions ? Thanks George
  9. Hello Michael, no, the trunk of my car is identical with yours and did not have anything attached to the wooden frame .I painted the inside black and I attached the locking mechanism .I will look for some pictures and I will post them .Good luck with the assembly.George
  10. Hello Jason, I need a wiper motor for a 1930 Buick series 60 Model 68 [vacuum type complete ] you have one for sale ? thanks George
  11. Outstanding car when/where did you find this beauty ?
  12. Nice Coupe, but did you notice some other models in the background ?
  13. I noticed , but I received a thread and I answered,