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  1. Ordered this item August 31 from Buick Heritage Alliance: Very Rare Item - 1939 Buick Photos #00022 (00985) $55.50 USD 1 $55.50 USD How long does it take to get order delivered?
  2. I think my trip was about 100 miles too. Used a two wheel drive Chev Blazer to pull a 4000 lb car on a 2000 lb trailer on the freeway from South Dakota border to the Twin Cities. Got a little unstable over fifty miles per hour.
  3. Spring 1989 for me to bring home 1939 66s coupe...took it apart in 1991 and moved 6 or 7 times till now that I came across fasteners to put it back together!
  4. I needed some daylight to unload the the car. Located a tarp to cover but was torn to shreds by winter winds. Stored this way long enough for mama cat to deliver her kittens. I did not have a shop to make the next step so it idled this way for at least two years. Yes, Spring 1991, I decided to take it apart...
  5. I decided i am going to need help in putting this car back together and possibly somebody has already done a car like this has a working knowledge. I bought it Fall 1988 and brought it home Spring 1989. Parked out doors and exposed to weather. I tried a tarp but winds shredded it to pieces. In 1991 while making some decisions on how to approach the project, a guest made herself at home and delivered two kittens. I was there one week end and returned the next and found two kittens! One was a male maincoon and the other was a female with gray fur. I took them home to raise them to age nine
  6. Yes Sir, the bankers hot rod circa 1988.................
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