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  1. Thank you RivNut for your help. I was under the misconception that each rear cushion came out independently. Came out easily once I realized they came out together. I also used your suggestion on how to move the seats back. Thanks to everyone who responded. CORDiallyMike
  2. It looks as though the center arm rest has to come out first. It is over the cushion and when I try to do as you describe the cushion lifts the bottom part of the arm rest? CORDiallyMike
  3. I need to remove rear seat cushion to repair rear power window. My car has rear speaker and folding arm rest. Any tips on how to accomplish this. Power window motor works but has come off window track. Thanks for any help. CORDiallyMike
  4. mikespeed35


    A friend of mine was on a tour and one car had trouble and my friend diagnosed a condenser. He happened to own a NAPA store but on the road had to shop at one of his competitors. He went in and told the young man he needed a condenser. The young man asked for the application and my friend said any cond. will work just get me one. The kid come back with a big box, air cond. condenser! CORDiallyMike
  5. I will have Auburn, Cord, Corvette, 65 Chevy, 12 bolt posi. Small T-Bird soft top, Type 61 Cadillac 24 page sales manual, 1915 Overland manual and much more at GBG 20-24. Stop by and take a look. CORDiallyMike
  6. This motor sold. Thank You. CORDiallyMike
  7. Ford 351 Windsor. 1974. Turns free. I removed from van in 1981. Was a two barrel. NO carb, starter, or dist. $125. Call 616-669-0046. Located in MI. CORDiallyMike
  8. 1965 Chevy SS drive train for sale. Radiator to rear, air cleaner to oil pan. Also drive shaft and trans cross member. 327 300HP standard bore, Muncie 4 Sp. 12 bolt posi. I removed this myself in late 1970's. Has been in my garage ever since. Also have the Protect-o-Plate, owners manual, etc. Many other miss. parts as well. This is a late 1964 drive train. $1800. Might part out individual pieces if no interest in entire unit. Located in MI. Can call 616-669-0046 for casting numbers etc. CORDiallyMike
  9. I don't like the idea of shipping my reflectors twice. Double the chances of loss and damage! Cordially Mike
  10. Can anyone recommend someone to resilver headlight reflectors. Thanks Cordially Mike
  11. Thank you all for the help. Cordially Mike
  12. This body can be seen at the NATMUS Museum in Auburn IN. The NATMAS Museum is right behind the ACD Museum. Cordially Mike
  13. I am trying to identify a dist. It is Delco Remy 1111202. It is either for a dual 6 or a V12 application. It will be in the late 40's or early 50's by the number sequence. Any help would be appreciated. Cordially Mike
  14. Any interest in a 1990 Chrysler Imperial? CORDially Mike
  15. Just to clear up the matter of the ACD web site. You do not have to be a member to post on the site but you do have to register. I also should mention that above the Dual Ratio casting mark between the two bolts you should find a stamping of the date of manufacture like 4x34, 5x35 which stands for month and year. The ring and pinion are usually not the problem. It is the planetary system. Removing the cover won't tell you the condition of that, only total disassembly. Cordially Mike
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