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  1. Hello. I am also doing a 1958 Caballero. These rear bumper trim plates are made of stainless steel. If you polich them and paint only the black stripes you will end up with a mutch better looking part. On all other series in 1958 Buick this is the way its done and i think also on 1958 Caballero. The black stripes can be bought as a glue on set, but it is easier and better looking to spray on the paint. Regards from Norway by Finn Strøm
  2. Hello Tailfins, do you still have any 1958 Buick Caballero parts? Needs Clips for mounting side vindows and upper liftgate window trim- Regards Finn
  3. Hei again Martin! Funny thing, I bouth your overide vent!!!!!!!!!! sorry i didn`t conect it, if you heare abouth more air pars pleace lt me know. Don`t know if you heard it before ore care, but the differentsial in the rear axel is supose to be paintet brown, same as the underside of the body. Keep on, Finn
  4. Wery nice work, I can see that you are using the air poise compressor but you have not done the air pipes yet, they are easy to put back on no before you do the caross back on the frame. I guess that you will not be driving on air but you have so many of the hard to get air parts that i hope you will put them back on the car so that it one day will be possible to use the original Air Poise system that all 1958 Buick Limited`s had. From what I can see you are missing the domes with the bellows, the bellows are under reproduktion here in Norway no, maybe some of the readers of this restauration knows of any dome`s?? Kip on working, Finn.
  5. Hei! The Caballero is Hunter Green with Lime Green roof, interior is also same two color green. Finn
  6. Thank you Derek! You have a lot of cars I can see, as my name indicates I am into Limited and have four of them, six 1958 Buick`s all thougheter. Right no I am working on a 1958 Caballero, just done the welding and are no putting on the doors and front clip to see that ewerything still fits. Finn
  7. Factory, original parts, i did send it to Classic Auto Air "sales@classicautoair.com" in Tampa, it came back like new, with corect oil and all the original stickers on it I also gave them the hoses to make new ones, had a bit of truble before I found a container with R12 freon, it is no longer in production and the new ones does not cool as good, but you can also use R up to 21 i think, the gays in Classic will tell you. Be sure to use the parts you took off the car, there is several parts that look almost the same but that is different on a air cond. car, for example the fan starts automatic when you turn on the air cond, importen for not overheeting the coolant. Finn
  8. Hei Adam! Yes the Blue Mist is very nice, i ofte get the question "is the car wet?" from people that see it for the first time, it`s the mist function. The pictures i sendt you is old, I have since then installed the air condition, blows ice cold, not that is so needed in Norway. I will update the pictures over next weeken and send some from the air-poise system. Good luck in your work , it will be an amecing car for sure. Finn
  9. Hei! I have done the same job as you are doing no, only six years ago. Same car, same colors, less rust. Hope the picxtures may give you an idea abouth howe your work will look one day. I live in Norway and here I am able to drive on the air-poise suspention, we have done what Buick should have done in 1959-60 instead of giving up and changing to coil springs. Good luck forward on your job, i will follow you with interest, let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. Regards from Finn
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