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  1. reminds me of the old days in the garage with dad and grandpa tinkering.
  2. Linus Picture please, probably similar value Ken
  3. Forgot about disclaimer: not responsible for neck whip-lash driving that green roadster
  4. 10 million, or best offer, also have a 1927 Chevy touring soon up for sale and a real steel 1927 Ford roadster small block muncie 4 speed fun fun fun till ur daddy takes it away fun for sale soon, will decide asking price when listed, here everyone gets deep discount price, more posts deeper discount, watch for sale forum soon to be listed, might try Mecum first 15 miles away over in walworth.
  5. Great photo, my grandparents had a light six 1923, age has creeped up on me i barely drove my cars last year. i have 5 cars right now want to slim down to 3, sad for me to think about as i do not like selling anything. i do not like getting old. everyone at this site has been very nice, sure wish my parents and grandparents were still around, they could all tinker. i am the last tinkering tinker in the family, unless a grandchild is born someday to tinker, grandson or granddaughter would work for me. who knows what will happen, might have all my cars until that time comes. the only one that will stay in the family forever is my 1936 half ton Chevy low cab, my uncle bought it in 1950 and we have had it since, its has not seen rain or snow since 1965. also have 5 wheelhorse tractors from the 50's that are on the block.
  6. Hi to all my time has come to sell off some of my treasures and here i am, soon to list the car if anyone interested will consider offers. I just fired it up first crank after sitting all winter. Brand new Firestone no skid tires. Extra parts also. Ken
  8. Located 53147 also could be available at 60655 if better
  10. Very nice 4 door ready for parade. Located 53147 also could be available at 60655 if better. Car completely redone 20 years ago including new wood. Kept inside always. This car starts right up and is a very nice riding car. Recent clutch and valve job. Car is all original. Everything works including all gauges that look new. This car won best antique at a couple of car show in the past. Priced to sell 8750 or best offer.
  11. Don watch ebay, also look for rolling chassis i see that now and then, craigslist for cars is great for that. u may have to pay for shipping but get lots of extra parts. what year? Ken
  12. If I had lots of money I would get one of these open cockpit J3 Piper Cub and buy a flat piece of land in Wisconsin and do touch and go's all day. Might throw the dog in the back seat. Points and condensers there.
  13. I have owned a 5 cars from the 20's and would choose ole points and condenser for spark as well as vacuum tank for gas supply any time. have witnessed near disaster with electric fuel pump and always enjoyed jumping out of the car and crank starting in front of astonished people.
  14. Scott thank you for all of your help, you have always been helpful, thanks. Ken
  15. Robert nice talking to you today. will see you in a few weeks. Ken
  16. Scott can I send 250 your way would that do it? Ken
  17. Scott as always thank you will PM you. Ken
  18. Robert will call you today. Hope all is well. Thanks Ken
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