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  1. just bought these hoping they are 1923 Stude, will find out by next season, if they are need some split rims and front bearings and seals, anyone got part numbers handy? I used to think only Stude had that bulge in the rear spoke until i saw a Dodge light truck with similar spokes. what else did?
  2. here is an ebay listing with dorman part number, the corner auto parts might help http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dorman-611-059-9-16in-18L-Left-Hand-Thread-Lug-Nuts-Quantity-of-4-/201615887545?hash=item2ef13e4cb9:g:CXwAAOSwYIxYAQ4x&vxp=mtr
  3. got one of those on my 1923 Stude its nickel plated
  4. I remember working at the auto parts store in the mid 70's when the salesmen at the store would call some of that stuff, Valve Job in a Can
  5. lucas is an injector carb cleaner also, when i had a 1923 t bucket 450 horse 383 stroker with daul quads and tunnel ram after it sat for a while it would stall and run real rough at idle, it had a huge cam with roller rockers so it idled rough already but after lucas would not stall. primarily i use it early season after they sat for a while. i only drive them about 300 miles a year each n more than 500. heres pic of the bucket, thats my blue 27 chevy also
  6. i use no ethanol have some fake lead additive once and awhile , and now and then put in some lucas upper cylinder lubricant carburetor cleaner
  7. Ladies and Gents anyone got some pics of the Studebaker rear wood spoke wheel early 20's would like to see some off car front and back with rim off. also looked and did not see what the diameter of the rear drum is, inside or out, and diameter of the rear axle. any help with this info appreciated. Ken
  8. terry yes i have unit to sell have a rat rod tank that works and one that looks brand new and works which one? Ken
  9. Ladies and Gents acquired additional garage this summer and want to use it this winter for storage of cars but wondering if any critters are running around it. i never had a problem with mice anywhere during winter storing cars. have never done anything other than keeping garage clean. anyone want to share any words of wisdom on this issue appreciated. Ken
  10. terry thats a 4 bolt tank they also have 8 bolt (stewart warner) i have many 4 bolt parts and complete units. they are the best fuel supply units, people try to replace them with electric but all fail. generally skinny 8 bolt early pre 27 or so 27 and after 4 bolt an fatter. both work great. ken
  11. saw a bumper sticker on the tri state tollway today it said "Lets Bail Out Studebaker"
  12. last day i think, might be interested in wood spokes or wire spokes 1923 big six
  13. Repair of the century, I did not do this , wish i did
  14. Repair of the century, I did not do this , wish i did
  15. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Studebaker-President-/142114584617?forcerrptr=true&hash=item2116b07829:g:iAMAAOSwgmJX1bMP&item=142114584617
  16. Hello wondering if this engine is the same as my 1923 big six? Thanks Ken
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