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  1. Thank you mercer09, that serves me right for posting after bedtime. The car is in Huntington Beach, California. Thanks!
  2. This is car strongly believed to be a circa 1904 Celeritas/Spitz. The car was found in the Czech Republic around 1969, restored, and imported to America. My Dad bought the car, started a re-restoration, and died halfway the the process. The car is complete but disassembled. The car has: Two cylinder Buchet engine Sauerbrier Berlin radiator Three speed progressive gearbox Shaft drive Drum brakes and driveshaft brake Work done: Engine cylinders honed Crankshaft ground Transmission case repaired and transmissi
  3. A friend of mine recently purchased this 2 cylinder horizontally-opposed engine. None of us know what it is, although we've heard that its for a 1912 International highwheeler. Note: -water cooled engine -Bosch magneto and mechanical oiler on platform on top of engine -two flywheels, the front with a fan and the rear with the clutch -"stepped" valve lifters between the camshaft and the valves -casting mark of FC or AFC Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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