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  1. As used on upscale luxury cars. As found condition unknown. Surface rust. $200
  2. Does anyone by chance have contact info for the owner of this 1924 Lincoln Model L, 135 series? I'd like to correspond with him and if possible secure additional pictures of the interior. As I understand it was shown at the 2006 Hilton Head Concours. Pictures would assist me in the reconstruction of the interior of my 1924 134 series. Photo credits to conceptcarz.com Thank you, Ian Evans
  3. That's the One!! Thanks for identifying it. Great styling!! Ian
  4. Just finished watching the final episode of Dick Tracy, a 15 episode serial from Republic pictures on TCM. Lots of great cars, boats and airplanes featured. Wondering if anyone else watched, and whether they could identify the prestige marque touring car featured as Tracy's vehicle. Dual sidemounts, split grille, split windshield. Ian
  5. OK, I think this can be made to work for us. Drop from bottom of gauge mounting to pivot is 10". Length of float arm is 7". Gauge mounting will need to be cut down to 2" across to fit under the cap. You are on your own for the modifications and the cap, but it seems like Chris can cut the cap to spec with a window for the gauge face. pictured is an original gauge unit next to an example of what we can get. We'll need to order a minimum of 6 @ roughly $50 ea. (I will need to confirm this number with the manufacturer based on the size) As far as making the modifications, that is up to you. I am not making any profit, but would be appreciative if my packing and shipping costs were covered. The gauge face can be installed to work in any position desired. I would recommend it be situated at roughly 7 o'clock with the float arm at 3 o'clock when looking from above. If there is any interest, please send me a message. Thanks, Ian Evans
  6. Manufacturer says order 6 minimum. Still need to get back to them with measurements of the tank and the old sender assembly. The length of the drop from the gauge mount to pivot and the length of the float arm will be matched to an original, which I have but is not serviceable. The gauge mounting flange will need to be turned to approximately 2 1/4" so it will fit under a cap and on top of the filler neck. A cap will need to be machined with a window. Looks do-able to me. I thing the early Dodges used a similar gauge as well. More as it develops. Ian 1924 Lincoln 7 passenger sedan
  7. I am working on a possible solution to this for my '24. Mounts in the left filler neck. Have contacted a company that makes a very similar setup that I am certain can be adapted. I'll post more once I am further along. Ian
  8. Hi, Starting my search for two 21" rims suitable for a 1924 Lincoln Model "L" sedan. These rims are fairly easy to identify by the "U" shaped tab affixed to the inner circumference that registers on one of the through bolts for the wheel to prevent the rim from rotating on the wheel. Any leads would be appreciated., Thanks, Ian
  9. Rarely these days do you run across excellent service. To do so is so surprising that I think it warrants recognition. I recently inquired on this forum regarding sourcing upper cone bearings and cups for my 1924 Lincoln Model L with a Timken front axle. A forum member was kind enough to direct me to OlCar Bearing Company, and instructed me to ask for "George". I called George and he told me that he was on the road, but would get back to me the following Sunday or Monday. George did the following: Returned his call as promised on the following Monday. Had a clear and immediate understanding of what I was looking for. Sourced the parts and shipped them to me within the same week. I wish every parts/service transaction went as smoothly. I would recommend Mr. George Bachleda as a knowledgeable and efficient vendor. A satisfied customer, Ian Evans 1924 Lincoln 134 Model L
  10. Excellent!! Contacted George and it looks as though he'll be able to help. Thank you
  11. Taking a shot here, maybe someone else has been thru this: Looking for upper cone bearings and races for my 1924 Lincoln front axle. These fit just above the knuckle on the king pin shaft and support the weight of the vehicle. Un numbered bearing cone that has a flange with a keyway cut in it to register and lock it to the knuckle. I'm told it is the same as early Cadillac. Can anyone suggest a source or where to start looking? Thank you, Ian
  12. Thank you for the lead Rod. I would be very interested in speaking with him. Busted knuckles after tearing down front suspension yesterday... Ian
  13. From the 1929 RL Polk city directory for San Francisco LOWE EDWARD MOTORS CO (Edward Lowe Jr) Lincoln Motor Cars. 2001 Van Ness Av corner Jackson, Phone: WA Inut 2000 See also: http://ohp.parks.ca.gov/pages/1054/files/van ness auto row.pdf The LINCOLN TAXI CO 457 POWELL STREET Service De Luxe PHONE:SUTTER 8080 We operate only the latest models of commodious Cadillac Cars. Our drivers take a personal interest in your pleasure and comfort. They are courteous, obliging and at your service at all times. </pre>
  14. I am not the owner and have no information... There is a 1924 Dodge Touring posted on Craigslist in Los Angeles. The photograph leads one to wonder what else might be lurking in the shed... Jan 17 - 1924 Dodge Brothers touring - $5300 (20th w & ave L) <small class="gc">owner</small> pic Ian
  15. As luck would have it, I am the new owner of this particular Lincoln. I find it to be a Brunn designed 7 passenger sedan (134 series) The twin sidemounts are definitely aftermarket. I am also looking for a pair of 21" rims. Some inside door handles and pulls and window winder handles. Would like to connect with other Lincoln L Model owners. Thanks, Ian
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