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  1. 1 hour ago, m-mman said:

    Its a standard Galaxie Town Sedan 352, Cruise-O-matic . . . . No special taxi equipment to be seen. Interior is too nice to have been a high mileage business use car.  

    Perhaps it was used as a movie prop, or an advertising piece, but . . . ?


    I agree that it was probably never a real cab. There are no holes in the dash from where the meter was attached and no "Taxi" light on the roof which they all had although I do see a PUC number on the front fenders. A real cab would have probably had a 6 and not a gas guzzling 352 also. I'm no expert but I did drive a cab in San Diego for 7 years from 1985-92. Still it's a cool car....

  2. On 9/25/2020 at 11:33 AM, padgett said:

    What is a "climatizer" ?


    From the 1952 Studebaker Champion owner's manual....


    Studebaker Climatizer and Defroster
    The Studebaker Climatizer is a fresh air heating and ventilating system.
    Fresh air passes through an air duct and then through the Climatizer
    heater core. The warmed air is discharged forward and rearward from
    below the front seat and spreads uniformly through the car interior.
    The Climatizer heat output is thermostatically controlled so that you
    may select the degree of heating desired and be assured of its remaining
    constant until you reset the control. Pushing or pulling the control
    regulates a thermostat which in turn controls the flow of water through
    the heater coils. The further outward you pull the control, the warmer
    will be the hot air output of the Climatizer.
    When the engine cooling water is cold and the control is in the closed
    position, the thermostat permits a full flow of water into the heat core
    until the temperature at the thermostat unit (just above the accelerator
    pedal) reaches approximately 70° F. (21° C.). As the water gets warmer,
    the thermostat will maintain that temperature. If you desire more heat
    in the car, pull the Climatizer control. After using the Climatizer a
    few times you will find the position of the control that gives you the
    heat in the car which best suits your comfort. Further regulation of the
    control will be unnecessary.



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