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  1. I'm no 1920s trailer expert, but I would think it'd be worth more than that especially if all the wood can be salvaged. Does it have a wood or metal frame?
  2. I'm talking more in lines with a truck out of a field. Not sure what yours looked like, but what needs cosmetics to some could look perfect to someone else especially in regards to a 1953 Chevrolet truck. People are faking patina nowadays.
  3. Nice points. However I would expand some on condition as well as price on lower end cars. A car in #4-6 condition as well as not preferred specs might be fodder for being redone. So really this could apply to any tier. However to some extent a $500 project car could still have been the same 20 years ago. The world's nicest 1978 Ford Granada is only going to be worth so much and a 1953 Chevrolet truck that is a project won't be worth a lot, but there are still a ton of people looking for them to put back on the road. Plus someone might take that 1978 Ford Granada that is cheap regardless of age and daily drive it too.
  4. That number tag is also located under the right rear wheel wheel if that helps any. Someone told me they thought it might be a Huppmobile.
  5. What kind of car is this and what might it be valued at as is. Frame is there.
  6. Will get pictures of back later, it does have pins and I didn't see any markings. Also I thought Peugeot, but could find information for 508, but not 507. Any idea whether it possibly could've been from BMW?
  7. Your budget and acceptance of 4 door should give you a very nice selection of cars. I like the 1980 Seville and 79-81 New Yorker especially with stainless roof.
  8. Can't the 4-6-8 part be turned off and then basically you just have a smaller version of 500 motor?
  9. Is there a good source for production numbers as well as values of early 4x4s? There's a 1959 Ford 1/2 ton I'm interested in, and also maybe a 1950 Ford with Marmon-Herrington conversion, but I'd be curious about Dodge and GM too.
  10. Granted the grill is way too busy, but I do like the color coded feature. I haven't seen anyone try to clean up an existing 42 grill, but a 46-48 looks great and can easily be added without a double take. It's not like most of the ugly 80s on up vehicles can simply be cleaned up with just changing the front. I'm not a huge fan of the general 60s Olds headlight and grill layouts either.
  11. Are all these years and different makes share the same frame and mounts for body and bumpers?
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