33 Rockne gauges needed

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Jorge there are companies that will rebuild/restore your amp gauge and probably also make you a new glass for your fuel gauge. Caution if your fuel gauge works be very careful when you remove it. You can google gauge repair and send them photo of your gauges to get an estimate. Tim, good luck and hope you have a great new year!

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I have the king sealy temperature tube w sender & tube w red dye in it, almost impossible to find for a rockne


i also have a mint tail light for your car. Of course my white frosted glass says rockne” the 33 said “studebaker rockne” on it as sales were poor & stude thought they might ad their name in there w rockne before the car was phased out. The dictator took its place :(


In fact that last pic you guys put of that tail lamp w license plate braket was mine as well.  You have the right frosted glass in a picture but the NACO standard on the rockne had no bezel. It used a monkey spring to push the ruby lens outward.


i had another rockne user name while living in sc. & an but i forget whom i was!


anyway i have rockne parts. Sorry no radiator shell. But hard to find knobs & the 4 hood lathes & bolts, mint condition


i even have a rockne body tag & yes. The blue motorola radio & speaker was in my roadster behind my head. The 2 boxes are huge! I dont see them going under the dash! Lol 


sorry for butting in on you fine rockne owners! 







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Did I mention it is very cool to have the Rockne speedometer in kph?

The blistering on the amp gauge appears to have been caused by someone attempting to jump start the car from a 12-volt system. :( Been there; done that. Attempt failed. :wacko:

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