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  1. 1932rockneroadster65

    31/34 Stude Hubcaps

    Im not sure if lionel stone is still around but he restamped my rockne caps w new chrome skins. Someone had said he was very sick. I think i have one cap left as i had 6, & 5 went with the car. I Hope hes ok. He rechromed my flying r radiator cap as well, daniel : ) lionel lionel in california ‭(818) 990-8916‬
  2. 1932rockneroadster65

    33 Rockne gauges needed

    I have the king sealy temperature tube w sender & tube w red dye in it, almost impossible to find for a rockne i also have a mint tail light for your car. Of course my white frosted glass says rockne” the 33 said “studebaker rockne” on it as sales were poor & stude thought they might ad their name in there w rockne before the car was phased out. The dictator took its place In fact that last pic you guys put of that tail lamp w license plate braket was mine as well. You have the right frosted glass in a picture but the NACO standard on the rockne had no bezel. It used a monkey spring to push the ruby lens outward. i had another rockne user name while living in sc. & an embarqmqail.com but i forget whom i was! anyway i have rockne parts. Sorry no radiator shell. But hard to find knobs & the 4 hood lathes & bolts, mint condition i even have a rockne body tag & yes. The blue motorola radio & speaker was in my roadster behind my head. The 2 boxes are huge! I dont see them going under the dash! Lol sorry for butting in on you fine rockne owners!