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  1. 1940 Dodge trunk lid springs

    Thank you much. Will wait to hear from you.
  2. No pictures. don't show. Where is car located, am interested in purchasing.
  3. Looking to buy pair of trunk lid support springs for my 1940 Dodge sedan. Mine are missing so cannot offer a picture. Any help appreciated.

    I have used FASTENAL for shipping motors several times and am amazed at how inexpensive it is. The only drawback is service could be slow. (not always)
  5. Old Car And Truck Parts For Sale!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is way to vague. AT least break it down into groups of parts, interior, exterior, motor ,car makes.
  6. My God! What an undertaking!
  7. 1922 BUICK VALVE TRAIN OHV PARTS (182833586846) includes rocker arm assemblies, NOS valves, keepers, springs
  8. Rebuilding ignition points

    I think I will research that. Let you know if I turn anything up. Thanks.
  9. Rebuilding ignition points


    This guy has what you need, truckloads of the parts, and reasonable, too: Mike Hawkins Laveen, AZ 602-403-3203
  11. Rebuilding ignition points

    As the supply of ignition points dwindles, especially for 'teens and twenties cars, I've noticed prices soar. I recently paid $100 for a set of points for my 1923 Dodge Brothers phaeton. It seems to me that there must be some way to renew the tungsten tips on points. I'm thinking of using point tips from very commonplace, inexpensive points and then silver soldering them onto the point base of my rare, used up ignition points . Has anyone out there ever heard of such a procedure? I could just go the way of electronic ignition and have my distributor set up to take a 4 cylinder modern Chevy cap but would prefer to stay as original as possible. While on this subject, might there be a way to rebuild a rare distributor cap, too? Reproduction Atwater Kent 4 cylinder caps are selling for $160 and NOS bring $200 or more. Please let me know your thoughts on this.
  12. Hershey in the spring?

    Just couldn't make it to Hershey this time and it really killed me to miss it. I've never been to the Spring (?) Hershey but might try for it. How does it compare to the fall meet?
  13. Looking for a hand starting crank for my 4 cylinder 1923 Dodge Brothers car. Anyone got a spare they'd care to sell?
  14. Maxwell Part Needed

    looks identical to mine, Howard.
  15. Maxwell Part Needed

    Tell you what; I'm going to Hershey next week. give me measurements for the wheel and I'll bring this picture, too. I could text you or email if I find one. Given the OK, I could then buy it for you and you could pay me back. Likelihood is slim but not impossible. I still think that a highly skilled welder could make an undetectable repair which would look as good as new. I've seen some of these fellows do some real magic. I'm hoping to find some "bargain" AK distributor caps at Hershey, too. I now have three Maxwells: 1915, 1922, 1920 , all touring cars. None will win a trophy but still a lot of fun. Gary Nitkin