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  1. Did any of thes Turbo cars get built?

    Here is an magazine on EBAY on the Turbo Reatta. It mentions it is not a prototype but a marketing and research car. (you can actually read the article if you zoom in) It mentions an engineer from Advance Concepts and all the engineering changes made to accomidate the more powerful Reatta. I can't imagine they made more than one. All the labor and modifications, $2600 for the conversion sounds cheap!
  2. Did any of thes Turbo cars get built?

    Looks like the owner was a gentleman named Rodney Summers. There is contact information listed but the company has been dissolved. We know for sure at least they built one, too bad they did not have a photo of the engine comp too.
  3. Not my car: There is a nice looking 1990 convertible for sale in Phoenix, white/blue with 66,000 miles. Looks like it is in very good condition.
  4. Happy St. Patricks Day

    From the world famous Fountain Hills star attraction, Happy St Pat's day! This fountain hits an impressive 560 feet in the air and today, showing her Irish pride
  5. Are they leaving

    Just think about this, the worlds largest American made car show is not in the USA, it is in Sweden. They get 55-75000 people that attend this huge American muscle car event. I have a friend in Sweden and when he told me about this, it just blew me away. Next time I talk to him I will ask if he has seen a Reatta over there
  6. Are they leaving

    I agree with KDirk as far as Reatta's going off shore. I too have noticed many classic cars are being exported and that's too bad. One of my friends just sold his 1973 Mustang Convert to a guy in Europe. As far as collectibility of the Reatta, I am very optimistic and recently put my money where my mouth is. They are a real anomaly for a '80's or '90's sports car. Eventually cool and rare cars like these get the respect they deserve after about 40 years. Just look at the crazy prices they are asking these days for a 70's Trans Am. Try to find a good example for under $25 to 30 grand, good luck. !0 years ago they were giving these cars away. I am particularly bullish for the '90 to '91 convertibles. Amazing to drive, strikingly great looks and as they say, "when the top goes down the price goes up." I just did an exhaustive search and I can say one thing, they are asking good money for low mileage Reatta's. That is good news for all Reatta owners. Once the low mile cars get harder and harder to find, the collectors will start buying the ones that need a little fixing up.
  7. 1991 Reatta Stall

    I think the first thing I would do is pull the engine codes. The car itself may tell you what ails it. Go to to find out how to do this .
  8. I keep a fire ext in my older model cars but have not in any of my Reatta's. It is probably a good idea to however and I will rethink my decision not to keep on in my later model cars. An ounce of prevention....
  9. Auto engineer rant

    Alas, a confession we all feared was true but all prayed was not.
  10. 1990 Claret - Abby's Car - Armchair Opportunity

    This is the year and color combo of my first Reatta, a very pretty car. Your are a good dad and your daughter will really enjoy this car. Does the radio work & sound good? Very important for a girl her age
  11. Reatta Concept's

    I believe the turbo Reatta's were rear wheel drive. How could you have improved this car, make them all RWD.
  12. Reatta Concept's

    The original prototype:
  13. New Buyer Questions

    I am on my fourth Reatta and if you get the car I am sure you will be thrilled owning it. They are addicting for some and you sound like one of us. The good news is, every time and one of my 4 Reattas's have a problem I managed to be able to fix it myself with only one exception. That's only one trip to a mechanic in 4 cars. The useful information you get from this site, from and you can find any help you need along the way.
  14. The Corvette and Oldsmobile forums I am a member of require a stated price and I personally think that is a great idea. Like Barney said, sometimes you are just looking for spare parts and really do not want to contact the seller for such basic information. I think people that do not want to list the price are looking to get more than fair market value for the part or car, that should be discouraged on a friendly forum. My 2 cents
  15. Cargirl update & question

    The car is at the body shop getting the new molding installed, will post next week. Not having my new car is killing me, I should have waited a bit