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  1. I would pull the codes to start out, why guess when the car is capable of telling you what is wrong. If there are no codes then I would start spit balling it. I am also concerned that coon may have put the evil eye on your car. You might want to Google "How to remove a curse."
  2. Cargirl

    Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    Just a few random shots.....
  3. Cargirl


    After market crisis, too funny!
  4. Cargirl

    The Reatta convertible prototype

    That is great news for Reatta enthusiasts!! I will definitely stop by that museum if I ever get the chance. Thank you for the update Barney!
  5. Cargirl

    Blind Spot mirrors

    +On the original Car And Drive TV show review of the Reatta it gave it bad marks for the rear view mirrors. I personally find them acceptable but I am from the Italian school of driving, what's behind you does not matter!
  6. Cargirl

    Me and My Buick Reatta

    Looks pretty perfect from where I am sitting! Love the color, the the rims and wing, that car just works for me.
  7. LOl Makes me feel good they have a nice place to go when we are finished with them
  8. Cargirl

    Yipes stripes

    I like it, my only observation is the pinstripe should terminate at the front mirror and start again further back. What show are you going too? I could really use a good drive tomorrow.
  9. Cargirl

    Reatta Database Update (as of 17 Jul 2018)

    Interesting! Thanks for the info. For the record and if you would like to add, the last name is Kalivianakis and the mileage is 17,900.
  10. Cargirl

    Reatta Pace Cars

    That dual exhaust is over the top!! Too bad they did not use it for production cars, it is spectacular!
  11. Cargirl

    Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    Wow Ronnie, never better! What a great detail job, impressive!
  12. Cargirl

    Reatta Database Update (as of 17 Jul 2018)

    My car is 900422-----database says: #* 'NO RECORD IN CF NO NO P S unk I am not sure what" #* 'NO RECORD IN CF NO NO P S unk this means but the car is mine and is in Arizona.
  13. Cargirl

    91 Reattas in Trade Schools

    Regarding Pace cars; I own two real deal Indy 500 Festival cars. 1 1970 and a 1974 Hurst/Olds. The race was indeed paced in 1990 by a Chevy Beretta and driven by Jim Perkins. Not sure if front wheel drive cars make for the best pace cars but I will save that argument for later! LOL Nice tribute car AZVet, looks good. As a side note, Corvette's paced the race in 1986 (great car) and again in 1995.