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  1. Cargirl

    Cars in China

    I checked with my friend in England, a real car guy, and he never heard of Reatta. Then, I checked with my good friend in Sweden. He not only owns a C3 Corvette but a real deal 1969 Hurst Olds as well. He attends the biggest all American muscle car show which is strangely held in Europe every year. This is what he had to say about his experience with the Reatta: Hello Brenda! Nice to hear from you. That's a really cool car. I have never seen any Reatta in Sweden. When I google, I see ads on one in Germany (Coupé) and one in Holland. I guess the car is not certified in Europe, and the few that are here are imported as so-called "moving goods", sometimes the only way to import certain models. Based on these two conversations I am pretty sure most of the Reatta's will stay in North America. That news may not help the values of our cars but it just somehow feels right to me. I am glad they are staying close to home!!
  2. Cargirl

    Eliminate door dings in your garage

    Sounds like a good idea! I think I will had those out for free to people that park next to me at car shows
  3. I think your doing a great Job Ronnie! This little part of the overall site gets much better than average posts. I appreciate your trying to emphasis driving and having fun with our cars. Of course, the tech stuff is the min draw. Just keep doing what your doing, we appreciate this site and your efforts! I always thought we could have some "Off Topic" threads but did not want to cause any waves. The Corvette forum I belong too has a very active Off Topic posts.
  4. Cargirl

    Poor Reatta lost its mind

    I had a Corvette that started sending me lots of codes and ran rough. Turned out the ECM (Electronic Control Module) had a crack in the board and it was sending random codes. I replaced it and that solved the problem, no more code . Hope this helps.
  5. They accepted me, not sure why they rejected you. Maybe they mistook your Reatta for a Porsche?
  6. I did not know about the page, just signed up. Thanks Ronnie!
  7. Cargirl

    Price watch

    Nope, many are private sales.
  8. Cargirl

    Price watch

    Currently on Reatta prices are seeming to tick upward: 1) 1989 Coupe, 25400 miles -asking $14,500 2) 1991 Convertible, 11500 miles - asking $36,995 3) 1991 Convertible, 30,000 miles - asking $29,995 4) 1991 Coupe, 48000 miles -asking $11,000 5) 1990 Convertible, 37,000 miles, - asking $25,900 6) 1991 convertible, 9000 miles -asking $24,900 7) 1990 Convertible, ad says "mileage says 3361" which is highly suspect of fraud - asking $19,995 8 1991 Convertible, 34,900 miles - $20,990 Wow, not sure what to say but they are asking for real serious money for our special 2 door sports cars!
  9. I installed Kicker speakers in my car and they sound great. Very good separation between bass, mid-range and high notes. The area between the trunk and the convertible top is just perfect for a Kicker slimline subwoofer as well, I bought the Kicker PT250. It makes a huge improvement to add a subwoofer. For your radio, unless there is cosmetic damage you can buy rebuilt radio modules that will cure any deficiencies in sound quality. it will cost you $200 exchanged. That will keep your Reatta looking stock on the inside, a good thing. The stock radio sounds very good with the speaker improvements I mentioned, good luck and keep us posted!
  10. Cargirl

    Special thanks to helpful BCA members

    That is good! The other one I was looking at in Indiana was pretty but had a odometer discrepancy when I pulled a car fax. I paid $30 for the car fax, that is how close I came to buying that car. I hope your friend enjoys her car and you can talk her into joining us in the Reatta forum, we could use more female participants here.
  11. Cargirl

    Special thanks to helpful BCA members

    I agree that the BCA and Reatta owners are very decent and good people. I am curious, is the black Reatta she found have a red interior and a convertible? If so, that one was on my radar screen when I was looking to purchase. Seems like a nice car.
  12. Summer's in Phoenix are like winters in the rest of the USA, we park our cars in summer and wait till the fall. I took the car out last night to get the fluids flowing and run the AC. Ended up in front of the world famous Fountain here in Fountain Hills. It only goes off at the top of the hour so I guess I got lucky!
  13. Cargirl

    The Reatta convertible prototype

    I think the bottom line is if anyone of us can help, we are all in. I am a retired attorney, if there is anything I can do, loop holes to uncover, people to persuade or what ever, I would volunteer my time and talents. I believe there is a solution to every problem. The real crime, if we are talking crimes, would be for this car to be crushed.
  14. Cargirl

    1989 White/Burgandy at local You Pick

    I have been looking for a emblem for a shadow box. If you have the "Reatta by Buick" I would be interested
  15. Cargirl

    Code E041

    In case you have not found this info, here is the easier way to replace the cam magnet sensor. I did this procedure on my last Reatta and if I can do it, anyone can do it. Good luck. (thanks to www.reattaowners for the info)