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  1. Just got back

    Must not because I drove around w/ the horn blowing. Maybe the newer technology does. As I recall, the Reatta theft alarm system was one of the first on a stock car and probably wasn't as advanced as it once became.
  2. Just got back

    I hit the road from the dealership, too. I live in eastern NC, bought the car in Chapel Hill, and headed straight to Arlington, VA to visit my brother. On the way, I ran through a snow storm south of my destination and an RV pulled off the shoulder in front of me. I gave the ABS system a good test at that point. I slowed down straight and true. My sister was w/ me and we looked at each other, wide eyed, wondering if we would make it in one piece. The funniest part of the trip had to do w/ the alarm system. Since I only owned the car a few hours, I didn't know much about it. My brother wasn't home when we arrived so we killed time riding around and ended up at a McDonalds. I pulled into my space and we sat there to talk. In the early days, I seem to recall my car unlocking the doors when I put it in park. After that happened, I engaged the locks w/ my remote to feel a little safer in a strange city. After a few minutes of yapping, we opened the door to get something to eat. Well, the horn commenced to doing its thing. I immediately shut the doors, thinking the alarm would go off. No such luck. It didn't occur to me the remote had to be used to deactivate the alarm, so, after a few hectic minutes trying to figure out what to do and getting eyeballs from folks, I pulled out and drove down the street, horn honking. I pulled into an isolated area that had a phone booth. A local LEO arrived and wanted to know what was going on. After I convinced him I was legit owner, I got on the phone and called the BUICK hotline. It was then I was told how to disarm the alarm. My sister never let me forget that incident. For fifteen minutes or so, she felt like a car thief, or so she said.
  3. Just got back

    Great to see other owners taking their Reattas on the road, prepared for anything. It took me a while to reach that level of knowledge and competency to feel comfortable on a long trip though. This site and ROJ helped immensely. I took ~1200 mile trip about a year and half ago with zero problems. I did reach one milestone I hadn't considered before it presented itself to me. As luck would have it, I was in an area w/ plenty of gas stations as my tank was nearing empty. I was so close to getting 500 miles on a single tank that I decided to try it. Maybe I was on fumes as I pulled in to the next station I came upon after hitting the 500 mile mark, but I made it. It was a nice feeling, knowing my efforts to keep things running smoothly and efficiently was paying off. I was on Interstate all of that mileage, keeping up w/ traffic, so to speak, so even at high speeds, she got great mpg. Just curious...anyone else done this? Re tools/parts I carry...beyond what has been mentioned before, I carry one of those small 2Ton floor jacks, a 2'x2' piece of 3/4" plywood and a couple of 4"x4" and 2"x6" sections of wood. That insures I have a stable platform to jack from if I am broken down on a bad stretch of road. I think it's been mentioned but I keep a fire extinguisher, 4 way lug wrench and flashlight in the boot, also.
  4. Dead Mouse in Reatta

    http://embracingwonderland.blogspot.com/2017/08/reatta-related-revelations.html Here is an offsite link if the vids won't play for you.
  5. Dead Mouse in Reatta

    While I had access to the plenum, I took a look at the blend door in action. First vid is AC activated. Second is heater activated. Pretty cool...smooth. DSCFACactivated.AVI DShtractivated.AVI
  6. Dead Mouse in Reatta

    A couple of days ago, my fan made a clunking noise after engaging AC. I had read this thread and thought, "let's open up the evaporator/blower assembly and see what's up". Holy smokes. Not only was there pine straw/leaf debris, but shop items a mouse must have dragged into the plenum. There was rolled up paper towel, steel wool and a shop towel I had made from cheese cloth in there. How in the heck could that get in there? All of it was on this side of the blend door, so nothing was beyond that point as far as I can tell. There were no mouse skeletons, droppings, smell at all...just the debris. I've never had issues w/ air flow or smell prior to the clunking sound. Why it took this long to jam the fan cage is just luck, I suppose. I vacuumed out what I could, removed the big stuff by hand, and then use compressed air on a hose w/ open flow end I could wiggle into the evaporator area. Spraying some Lysol in there will be done before closing it back up. Thanks for that tip, 89DarkRedGrey. Sounds like a great idea.
  7. Rock Auto closeouts per Reatta

    YW. Maybe it will help someone out. After I posted, it occurred to me other vendors here may take offense. No offense meant and if feelings hurt, I apologize.
  8. Rock Auto closeouts per Reatta

    When you click on the ID # after the part description, a menu will pop up listing applicable vehicles. Most probably fit entire production run.
  9. Greetings everyone. My car is still on the road @158k miles w/ most systems working. I've just developed the yellow ABS light syndrome, but I'm working on it thanks to the help found here. It's much appreciated. I didn't see this posted elsewhere but thought it was something others might be interested in checking out. Loads of DIY components for Reatta systems. My experience w/ Rock Auto has been acceptable...ymmv, of course. http://www.rockauto.com/RSS/vehiclefeeds.php?carcode=1019911&m=wc&l=en&html=true
  10. crank/no start

    I have been driving around town the past few weeks, stop and go traffic, w/ no cranking/stalling problems of any kind. I decided to get out of my comfort zone and took a 90 mile trip yesterday. I had no issues w/ cruising speeds or passing. The more I drive, the more confidence I have w/ what we accomplished on this thread. I'll still carry the fuel pump prime connector wire w/ me as a backup if I need it. Thanks again for the help.
  11. crank/no start

    I unplugged the oil sender connector this morning prior to cranking. The car started up w/ no hesitation. I checked OBD and had the expected B132 code. After idling awhile, I cut the engine, replaced the connector and checked OBD. B132 code now history. After a few more minutes of idling, I took it on the road to return the fuel pressure gauge to Autozone. I drove approximately 3 miles and had no issues. Of course, in reference to Padgett's call on the ALDL cover, I replaced that prior to any of this. I had never noticed the pins inside the cover before. There is always something new to learn about these cars. I'll report back any issues if they pop up. Many thanks. You guys are top notch. On another note, I'm thinking about using copy/paste function to move the origins of this topic from the "what did you do to your Reatta today" thread, and place it in my initial post on this thread, under the edit function. I see no easy way to contact the webmaster on this and I don't want to do anything to create a problem w/ the thread. Unless there is a limit to the size of an edit programmed into the software, it should work. I think it would be helpful for future searches if all the input was included, from the beginning of this thread. If anyone thinks I shouldn't do this, chime in. Done. It looks like it worked.
  12. crank/no start

    Yes, the cover was removed when I checked the TCC solenoid the other day. I had no idea about its importance. Thanks
  13. crank/no start

    Here is the followup. Yesterday morning, car started normally, w/ oil sender connected. I let it idle around 10 min while doing other things...oil pressure 39, rpm 900. I got back in car to run OBD. There was a ERROR mssg on the cluster and the "electrical problem" idiot light was on. I had never seen either before. I tried to check for codes but system did not allow me into OBD. The button sequence did not respond. I turned the car off. After restart, I ran OBD successfully and got some codes I had never seen before, in the 330 range. E047, BCM-ECM Communication B333, loss of SIR data B334, losss of ECM data B335, loss of CDIC data B336, loss of IPC data B337, loss of Programmable data (A/C, clutch, parking brake release) I found reference to the codes in manual in 08D3, which in turn, references 8D2. I haven't dug into it yet though. After clearing the codes, I started car again and no codes appeared. This morning, I started car again, normally and those codes did not return. I feel the ECM component is a little sketchy, at this point. I live behind a school w/ a big parking lot and will drive the car around a little bit there to see if everything works while under load. I'll try the cold start tomorrow w/ the oil sender unplugged.
  14. crank/no start

    I am still looking but I think I ran across a post somewhere, not necessarily on this site, that mentioned the ECM having to re-learn how to respond to a new sender unit. If I find it, I'll post a link to it. Re my battery, all the cells are good. I've just been doing so much cranking and no starting w/ it, it discharged a little too far to continue w/out recharging it. re the relay. Like Ronnie said, multiple tests and changeouts. I even removed all the adjacent relays to make sure the clicking I heard when the key was engaged, came from the fuel pump relay and not the others. The only actual failing part, other than the oil sender, was the fuse for the CCCI.
  15. crank/no start

    At my age, that isn't a bad idea.