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  1. 1988 #105

    The door could have been replaced and the kept the original sticker, this blow my 142 Outta the water
  2. Earliest Known VIN Owned?

    I have number 142
  3. Wheel refinishing

    Those do look nice, where did you have them done?
  4. Wheel refinishing

    I am looking for the place in Tennessee, I don't want to polish my wheels I want to have the groves in th like factory, the member posted a place that did that.
  5. Wheel refinishing

    I know this has been brought up before, I have tried doing the search but can't seem to find it, a member in Tennessee had their wheels done around Nashville I think, could that member post that thread or post the address again. Thanks
  6. Reatta For Sale

    Im working on it
  7. fog light globe

    Yes 6v, we ordered some and they come in 6 and 12 v
  8. fog light globe

    Try a forklift rental place, hyundai uses lights like that
  9. Reatta For Sale

    I would like to come and look at the car
  10. Reatta For Sale

    I sent you a pm
  11. Reatta For Sale

    What year is it, do you know what is wrong with it?
  12. 88 glove box latch

    Tried Jim first, thought about the 3d printer, thought also about making one out of metal.
  13. 88 glove box latch

    It's the piece inside glovebox, 88 had the push button release by the shifter, no outside latch
  14. 88 glove box latch

    I'm looking for the latch part that goes on an 88 glove box lid, if any body has access to an 88 parts car and can help out it would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  15. Stall problem continues

    Have you checked the oil level, was the car put on a lift for the oil change, could the fuel lines be damaged if put on a lift, not that this could cause your problems