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  1. Im working on it
  2. Yes 6v, we ordered some and they come in 6 and 12 v
  3. Try a forklift rental place, hyundai uses lights like that
  4. I would like to come and look at the car
  5. I sent you a pm
  6. What year is it, do you know what is wrong with it?
  7. Tried Jim first, thought about the 3d printer, thought also about making one out of metal.
  8. It's the piece inside glovebox, 88 had the push button release by the shifter, no outside latch
  9. I'm looking for the latch part that goes on an 88 glove box lid, if any body has access to an 88 parts car and can help out it would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  10. Have you checked the oil level, was the car put on a lift for the oil change, could the fuel lines be damaged if put on a lift, not that this could cause your problems
  11. There is probably close to 4in of cable in the housing,
  12. That's pretty interesting, hope you find out what your looking for, I spent hours at the historical society searching micro film, found out when my gggrandfather was in the ovi in the civil war, searched and found the ship they came over on from Germany.
  13. Gratis?
  14. I see in the roj you asked about backprobing 3c15, if you have the propper voltage at the ecm and not at the relay pin 5, you have an open in ckt 762
  15. I had the pleasure of trying to find out why my parking lights were not coming on when I pushed the switch, first thought was a blown fuse which it was, replaced the fuse and the headlights popped up and just the headlights came on, one for the wtf post, since I had the dash apart I notied the headlight switch had been opened before so I decided to open it, there is one piece missing see pic, if there is anyone that wouldn't mind selling me a broken switch or the piece in the pic I would be greatfull. The problem with the lights popping up was caused by the po soldering 2 wires together on the right harness of the switch