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  1. I'm having trouble finding the rear suspension cross member bushing, the front outer bushings that bolts to the body, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Is there a source for the coolant pipes under the throttle body?
  3. Which cassette organizer do you have, the one that sits in the bottom of the bin or the tray that sits on top when you open the armrest, I had one in my 90 but thats gone, the one I have in my 88 does not fit the 90?
  4. Retired w/reatta I need the inside latch piece I guess it wouldn't hurt to have a spare push button set up as well
  5. On the 88, opens with the push button in front of shifter. If Retired goes back maybe he wouldn't mind getting it for me
  6. I could use the glove box latch bkt if you would be so kind
  7. You might check the water pump. Mine made a chirping sound and my pulley was a skew, yours maybe straight but impeller may not be turning
  8. Those do look nice, where did you have them done?
  9. I am looking for the place in Tennessee, I don't want to polish my wheels I want to have the groves in th like factory, the member posted a place that did that.
  10. I know this has been brought up before, I have tried doing the search but can't seem to find it, a member in Tennessee had their wheels done around Nashville I think, could that member post that thread or post the address again. Thanks
  11. Yes 6v, we ordered some and they come in 6 and 12 v
  12. Try a forklift rental place, hyundai uses lights like that
  13. I would like to come and look at the car