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  1. 1935 studebaker commander radiator cap

    Buy from
  2. The part is for the 31 only. and is broken. It is missing the upper post that holds the upper window channel. I have reproduce them in bronze
  3. 1931 Studebaker President wheels

    Year and wheel base makes a difference.
  4. 1931 Studebaker President wheels

    Tom, is yours a president?
  5. 1934 1935 Studebaker Delco Generator

    Jeff I know just where they are. Have several. Will trade for labor.
  6. 1934 1935 Studebaker Delco Generator

    Let me know if you bought the ebay one. I did find some in the shop.
  7. 1934 1935 Studebaker Delco Generator

    Too cold to go searching in the pole building. Here is one on ebay at a fair price.
  8. 1931 President front bumper

    Kind of hard to find. I have had 7. A 32 will fit also. As well as 31 and 32 commander which is 3 1/2 wide. The pres is 4 inches wide. Care to share name for the roster?
  9. 1934 1935 Studebaker Delco Generator

    I should have several 955c but will have to check condition. Are you missing yours or just want a rebuildable one?
  10. Steering Wheel Control Lever Linkage

    those levers are in the incorrect location. That is Jim Heinsons old car.
  11. ISO '29 Studebaker doors

    How about I sell you a rust free 29 president sedan body and you will have all you need to extend it.
  12. metal sheathing

    look again
  13. metal sheathing