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  1. Steering Wheel Control Lever Linkage

    those levers are in the incorrect location. That is Jim Heinsons old car.
  2. ISO '29 Studebaker doors

    How about I sell you a rust free 29 president sedan body and you will have all you need to extend it.
  3. metal sheathing

    look again
  4. metal sheathing
  5. 1928 president sedan

    It was built May of 1928 by the motor casting date. H-5. That rear bracket is for a trunk rack.
  6. The dictionary describes it as an object or goal that is sought after for its great significance. That is different for every collector. I have both, so some might say the 33 is the Holy grail. But not to me. Had one and sold it. There are 54 31 president roadsters, 8 of the 32, and 2 of the 33. Some like the 31 for its true roadster look and the 32 for the classic look. Both are great cars.
  7. Coupling discs

    Buy them from John Cislak.
  8. Buy the print from the museum or ask Tom Shrock to make it.
  9. More roof pictures

    I see some Hens teeth hanging on the wall. Also what is that yellow car in the back round?
  10. 1935 Dictator puzzle

    I've seen 2 other Canadian 35s that had that tag in the same place and started with CS.
  11. 33 Rockne Roadster Parade Boot

    Contact Dick Quinn for manuals.
  12. John McCall makes the wing nut. Well he has the inventory of Lionel Stone that had them made.
  13. Contact info for JM Studebaker

    Just leave him a email at the jm studebaker site. his phone number won't help much. I have his new number but he only answers 1 out of 20 times. But he did answer my text to his new number. He is doing a 32 floor mat for me now. Hopefully by the national meet.
  14. 33 Rockne Fuel Gauge

    Try these people.
  15. 33 Rockne Roadster Parade Boot

    I've gotten the top boot prints from the studebaker museum for my 29, 31 and 35. They might have yours too. Supply them the part number in your book.