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  1. studerex

    1935 Studebaker parts for sale

    Do you know the model they came off of? Hood lengths different.
  2. studerex

    rear diff ratio's in 1931

    Where did you find that 3.09? Hens teeth.
  3. studerex

    Looky What I Found Now!

    Bill I just happened on this topic. I viewed the Pierce article you listed years ago.I advised the writer of his error on the casting date referenced. The I is for 1929 not 28. July 9 1929. All 8 cylinder blocks were cast in Studebakers foundry. Studebaker was using the eight for the model year 1928 as 5 main but changed to 9 main starting in June of 1930. The foundry cast dating started in 1921 with A. The president 8 was in production when Studebaker acquired Pierce. The blocks look the same and will interchange as a whole. Studebaker eights changed almost every year from 28 to 33. 28 had the water pump in front of the block, 29-30 were mostly the same, 31 was a cast crank, 32 was a machined crank with bolt on counter weights, and 33 block exterior changed and looked similar to pierce. I bought a Pierce motor once just to dismantle it to see the differences. Yes there are many differences. But I would say the same group of engineers designed both motors.
  4. studerex

    gas tank needed

    Yes Bill I contacted John. He is so backlogged that it will be some time before him having the time.
  5. studerex

    1927? Studebaker Engine

    Yep April 27th 1925. So it would be for a late 25 or early 26.
  6. Looking for a 1931 to 1933 president gas tank in useable or repairable condition.
  7. If the plunger is like the presidents there is a small hole in the middle. You could try using something like a ice pick and tap it in the hole to wedge it in. Then see if it will pull out the plunger.
  8. studerex

    Aussi John 1

    I had the same question last year and Quinn supplied factory photos to help me out.
  9. studerex

    Aussi John 1

  10. studerex

    33 Rockne Grill wanted

    Are you talking the grille shell or just the grille bars?
  11. Peter and Greg spent 2 days at my house and one at Quinns. We both gave Peter leads on who to visit.
  12. Body 1120 was owned by Mike Race. Didn't he sell it to Chris Mahoney?
  13. Yes Goran did a great restoration on that car. I had 2 for him to choose from and he took the bigger challenge for sure.
  14. studerex

    36-37 Dictator or President Coupé wanted