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  1. studerex

    36-37 Dictator or President Coupé wanted

    Bill Hill has a 36 and a 37 coupe for sale.
  2. studerex

    Tony Carella remembered

    Tony is one of the greats.
  3. The one with the gold mesh has been sold.
  4. I know someone with this one for sale.
  5. studerex

    1922 Special Six Photos

    Dick, Did you ever get the dyno report?
  6. studerex

    Thank you rbk (Robert Kapteyn)

    Are these the lights you are looking for?
  7. studerex

    1936 headlight bezels

    Do you have a photo of the one you do have?
  8. studerex

    Thank you rbk (Robert Kapteyn)

    What 29 pres parts are you looking for? I have parted out about 10.
  9. studerex

    1935 studebaker commander radiator cap

    Buy from
  10. The part is for the 31 only. and is broken. It is missing the upper post that holds the upper window channel. I have reproduce them in bronze
  11. studerex

    1931 Studebaker President wheels

    Year and wheel base makes a difference.
  12. studerex

    1931 Studebaker President wheels

    Tom, is yours a president?
  13. studerex

    1934 1935 Studebaker Delco Generator

    Jeff I know just where they are. Have several. Will trade for labor.