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  1. Steve Ford

    just a question

    What happens when its time to title that car in another state? Are they ok with that delaware-issued VIN? Steve
  2. Steve Ford

    just a question

    I'm in SE PA and am even having trouble finding an attorney to handle it, even with me accept the time and expense. The one guy I've heard of in Harrisburg, Bryan Shook, declined to handle anything here in Chester County. Steve
  3. Steve Ford

    1941 Buick - not mine

    Could you provide a reference to your friend? My brother gave me a car that was on a property in Nevada he bought from the bank that took over a reverse mortgage after the owner died. I found CA and NV plates, CA registrations, the latest being 1970. Getting help from someone knowledgeable in Nevada would help. Thanks, Steve
  4. Steve Ford

    Stutz Engine?

    Thanks. I'm the guy with the engine. My phone is below. Steve Ford 484-883-4155