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  1. Asa Bergman

    IAC problem
  2. Asa Bergman

    IAC problem

    Tapping the pedal as if you're trying to kick the choke off does nothing on fuel injection. The idle air control valve gets gunked up over the years and can become sluggish or not seat enough. It's held in with just two screws, take it out and clean it with carb cleaner. Clean the hole the valve goes in as well, that'll be even dirtier. Stick a bunch of paper towels under it before you take the screws out so they don't fall and get lost.
  3. Asa Bergman

    Yet 1 more question on tail light retoration

    I met a Reatta owner at Carlisle by the username Dashmaster who cleaned up the cloudiness on his tailights very well. They looked like brand new! Maybe he'll chime in.
  4. Asa Bergman

    Arising "New" Transmission Issue

    Good on both counts then. Check the fuse and clean the connector first. I used a small file to gently scrape the tarnish off the pins, that alone got my TCC working. You may wish to gently bend the pins on the connector to increase their contact when plugged in too. Changing the TCC solenoid won't be fun. Pick up a side pan gasket as well, gotta assume the old one isn't coming apart in one piece. Then you gotta figure out how to get the new one on with the axle in the way. 🤧
  5. Asa Bergman

    Arising "New" Transmission Issue

    Also, trying cleaning that 4 pin connector on the trans too. On mine I had an error code for 2nd gear circuit fault since day one and after cleaning the contacts it went away.
  6. Asa Bergman

    Arising "New" Transmission Issue

    Have you checked for ECM codes? On the climate screen I think you hold "Off" and "Warm" at the same time. Have your cell phone(if you have one) ready to take pictures of the codes unless you're a faster writer than me. If there's no new ECM codes there's a good chance it may be a failing ignition coil and/or module. Both of mine started oozing from the heat this summer one day and for 30 minutes "Electrical Problem Has Occured" kept popping up on the CRT but no ECM codes were being set and all ECM values were okay. I changed the module and coil and the issue went away. Try undoing the screws that hold the ignition coil to the module and see if there's goop in between them. If there's a lot of goop it's time to replace them. As for the TCC, you can try disconnecting the 4 pin connector from the trans temporarily and going for a short drive under 50mph. If the issues go away it's almost certainly a messed up TCC solenoid. Remember to reconnect the cable! I've seen people on this forum correct their TCC solenoid issue with additives like Seafoam transmission cleaner but I have never tried it and generally discourage adding anything but ATF to your trans unless it's a last resort. If you determine it's the solenoid you can look into the seafoam cleaner at your own risk.
  7. Asa Bergman

    Arising "New" Transmission Issue

    The 88-90 Reatta came with the 440T4 trans, these are very solid transmissions but they have a few long term problems which were fixed with later year 'updates'. First question with this transmission: have you changed the vacuum modulator? It's often neglected and can lead to strange shifting issues. I wasn't having any issues like yours but replacing mine made major differences in the shifting. See if it's leaking fluid through the vacuum line or if it's seized. Second, pull the TCC(torque converter clutch) fuse and see if anything changes. The TCC solenoid is known to fail or get gunked up over such a longer life. Third, there's multiple internal issues that may have hit you that nothing but a rebuild/replacement can solve. Since it fails to go into 4th the most probable is the splines for the 4th gear hub could have sheared off as they are quite weak or a burned up 4th gear clutch as there's only one(!) friction disc for it. To test that shift it to manual 3rd and see if it drives without issue. There of course can be other causes that other members may point out.
  8. THIS AD HAS EXPIRED Not mine. I personally saw this one just this weekend at the Carlisle PA show. Chatted with the owner awhile. Amazing condition. Engine runs smooth, interior was about as clean as it gets. Teves unit was very clean, accumulator and pressure sensor looked like new. ABS light was on however but most people's are. 😣 I'm pretty tempted to call him back but a second Reatta will be the death of me. 😵