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  1. keninman


    Just a couple of shots, first, why would anyone want an electric vehicle? This would have been a great question to ask about petrol vehicles at the very early part of the twentieth century. Second, about the electricity grid, well technology is changing very quickly. Indiana has dropped to 8th for coal production. As the grid continues to diversify there will be more opportunities for smaller production facilities, even home production because of better distribution control and affordable equipment. We are at a cusp like the one that occurred in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth. It is indeed a great time to be alive. As for Tesla, its namesake, a not so poor immigrant who with the help of Westinghouse took on Edison, harnessed the power of Niagara Falls, lit the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago (even though Edison refused to sell them any bulbs) and won the, "Battle of the Currents" which is why we now have an electric grid based upon AC which can be transmitted over long distances instead of the localized DC power stations Edison championed. History is repeating itself only a bit different. While I cannot afford a Tesla automobile I damn sure support what they are doing.
  2. keninman


    Our process here on low value vehicles is pretty loose. I couldn't say about modern vehicles but vintage ones without high resale values I don't think they want to put that much effort and money into. My Siata appears to be a 1969 though the title says 1970 and they titled it as a Fiat. It had to be in the Indiana system because it had originally came from here 10 to 15 years ago. Was finally titled in Ohio then I bought it and re-titled it in Indiana. My Stude Dictator originated in Illinois, then was titled in Michigan and I moved it to Indiana. The title is using the body tag not the serial number on the frame.
  3. keninman


    You can always just title it in Indiana, if the Hoosier state won't title it nobody will.
  4. keninman

    Rolls Royce (Hudson truck in background)

    I wanted to satisfy myself that this car is the one from the episode so I made a comparison photo. It is the car, the upper one is a shot from the show, the lower from the craigslist ad. You can see the paint and rust on the fenders match perfectly.
  5. keninman

    No response at towing forum, can someone assist ?

    No Robert the car came from Michigan. I first had to drive over 200 mile round trip to pick up the Jeep and Trailer near Vincennes, IN then return home to Greenfield, IN. I then drove to a town above Flint, Michigan that I cannot remember the name of, then back to Greenfield. Later I had to return the Jeep and trailer to Vincennes and drive back home. It was a lot of traveling.
  6. These showed up on Facebook Marketplace. One is a Borgward Isabella Coupe and the other I believe is a Morris Minor 1000. They are in Rushville, IN.
  7. keninman

    No response at towing forum, can someone assist ?

    I borrowed a Jeep and trailer from my sister and drove about 800 mile round trip to pick up my Stude. BTW, I did the trip alone.
  8. keninman


    I was thinking of the US military and government though I imagine Canada receives a benefit from this also. Ya'll should have to subsidizer our military, I'm tired of doing it.
  9. keninman


    I think you are right and wrong at the same time. GM only cares about the Volt, well for the fuel standards. Even with subsidies it was a loser. However like those early NASA rockets, the engineers learned something, even from the ones that blew up on the launch pad. If there is one thing is clear from history, long established companies usually lose out on new technologies because they don't embrace them. Back in the 50s IBM turned down Chester Carlton's copy process. They said that 250k units the market would be saturated. A little film company took a chance on the process, mortgaged their factories, spent years in development and launched the Xerox 914 in 1959. IBM was wrong, they couldn't make the damn copiers as fast as they could sell them. History is rife with stories like this one. A more modern version is Dyson. Its a good story and one about how the major manufacturers were all wrong. Like Dylan said, "the times they are a changin' "
  10. keninman


    The problem with your analysis is that you are only measuring cash flow. If I buy a new widget making what-ya-ma-call-it and spend $1.5 million on it, the thing is still worth $1.5 million and does not instantly become worthless though I laid out $1.5 million of someone's money before selling my first widget. The factories and technology Tesla has developed will pay out over decades not one financial quarter. They couldn't start quite like Ford did and make a few autos by hand while buying engines from the Dodge bros. Even Studebaker was making wagons and carriages when they added in some new fangled automobiles, noisy, unreliable and expensive as they were in that day and age. Tesla is building from the ground up and it won't be a simple process. I would also imagine that they have acquired a great deal of technology, both in the autos and manufacturing technology that they will sell or license to other manufactures. I think the greatest threat to Tesla is what is about to happen in the US and world economies. This boom has ran too long, the US deficit is exploding, a lose lose trade war and the inverted yield curve in the bond market harbinger much leaner if not down right desolate times ahead. While Tesla may very well "tank" I doubt they will be the first and certainly not the last. Anyhow their technology and knowledge will spread, one way or another. The concept of both the car and manufacturing process are sound, just as sound as petrol was back in the beginning of the auto boom when tin lizzies and flivers tried to prove who could make it over the hill and later who could do it in the fastest time.
  11. keninman


    I wonder how someone got the notion that Tesla is "tanking"? The stock price is not the only measure of a company. The speculators might pulling back but unless Tesla is issuing more stock, they already have their money. Tesla is not only about electric cars but producing them in numbers that will make them affordable to the average buyer. The idea is sound but any cutting edge concept like their automated assembly lines are chancy at best. I imagine folks were saying similar things about Ford back in the day. Automation is already here and will only increase as time goes by, the old days of an assembly worker turning bolts is soon to be completely obsolete and pumping gas will be a quaint as hitching rails, watering troughs or even phone booths, better get use to it.
  12. keninman


    So do you think that the government is not subsidizing every car company, even with just artificially low taxes and cheap gasoline because our military is ensuring the oil always flows?
  13. keninman

    Siata Spring (Fiat)

    This is about a 1969 / 70 Siata Spring. The car is factory built in Italy using the drive train and suspension from Fiat, mostly an 850.
  14. keninman

    Odd little Italian car

    All of the metal brake lines have been replaced. Other than the main rear line blowing, the one on the drivers rear was a bear to replace. It was so badly rusted that I had to drill the lines out of the fitting so I could reuse them with the new line. All of the brakes are working now but the passenger rear has a leaky wheel cylinder, I hope the rubber will swell now that there is brake fluid in it. The headlights, tail and brake lights all work, the turn signals kinda work. I still need to put a steel strap under the floorboards to stabilize the passenger seat, reinstall the seat belts and install two remaining new tires and I believe I am ready for a road test. Albeit staying on the county roads very close to home.
  15. keninman

    No response at towing forum, can someone assist ?

    No further than it is I would insure the car, have someone drive down with me, do the paperwork and drive it back.