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  1. I have seen this car sitting on a trailer in Anderson, IN for a long time now. I finally stopped and checked it out. I have no idea what it is. The motor, transmission and driveshaft are not in it. It looks like someone has done some custom work. Kind of a neat car. I thought I had taken a picture of the front end but when I checked my phone I had taken a picture of my finger. I am assuming $1,200 does not include the trailer.
  2. Fuel gauge

    There was no calibrating wire in mine. It would have been quite useful.
  3. buying a stude

    As far as I know we don't have DMV inspectors here in Hoosier country. We have a form the police fill out to verify the numbers on the car match the title, city police if you live in town, sheriff's dept. if you live in the country. On these old vehicles that are so unlikely to have been stolen they don't seem to care that much. You may have to get a lawyer and sue for a quiet title. When the court awards you ownership I assume the DMV will be forced to assign you numbers you can title with. You have your bill of sale and Indiana title, I can't imagine why a lawyer can't get this done pretty cheap.
  4. buying a stude

    If NC is like Indiana then all you have to do is get a cop to verify the number is there, I can pretty much guarantee they won't care if you put it there or not. If they do show them the title or copy and the engine number.
  5. buying a stude

    Do you have an Indiana title that uses the engine number? If so then see if you can have this stamped into the frame / body or a plate mounted to the frame /body and use that. What they are probably worried about is someone swapping an engine which is probably quite common, especially with rat rods.
  6. Foaming radiator

    I lubed the pump shafts well with Texaco water pump grease. I used our well water which does not have any lime but does have a bit of iron and mixed 60/40 water to Tech 2000 EG antifreeze. My hydrometer says safe to -20 and it never gets that cold here. I also made a cap gasket out of cotton material so it fits snugly now. The weather has really cooled down but we drove many miles last weekend, temperature was in the low 60s when we started and fell into the 50s before arriving back home. We did not experience any foaming. I next plan to remove the thermostat and change it to the winter setting and perhaps block my louvers to force warmer air under the cabin since I don't have a heater.
  7. Lighting switch

    I would like to help but from your pictures your switch is different than mine.
  8. Lighting switch

    I would think a volt ohm meter would go a long ways. Make sure you have power first then run through the positions. I would start with brights, dims off then parking. I think your's are marked on the steering wheel. If it is like every other switch in the car then it should be quite simple to tear down, clean and put back together but I would do this only as a last resort.
  9. Parking Brake

    I would think a jig could be easily made.
  10. 1922 Special Six Photos

    Boy I'd hate to be the driver for the test with no floorboard or seat.
  11. ISO '29 Studebaker doors

    Okay, I'll bite, how does one lose both front doors?
  12. gas tank plug

    I do believe that the business that did the work for you needs to make this right. Take the tank back and tell them to replace the plug even if they have to take it to a machine shop.
  13. Early 1920s Studebaker ?

    So is the Speedometer in Miles or Kilometers per hour?
  14. metal sheathing

    My GE Dictator also has this cable. I have wondered about the reasons for using this cable since I don't think the shell is bonded to anything like a conductor. Was it for protection against animals that would damage the wire or perhaps to prevent accidental damage that would result in a short circuit?
  15. Hub Removal

    I have found that rubber gloves give you a much better grip.