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  1. New spark plugs

    My owner's manual says (.025), I give up I couldn't spell it.
  2. I would be interested in it as a decoration, I don't think you said how much you wanted though.
  3. Waiting on a tow

    Watch several videos on hand cranking first. It is great way to break an arm or damage a fender. I prefer push starting but yours is probably awful heavy.
  4. Waiting on a tow

    I looked at my starter and it is a Delco-Remey 726-F. What worries me about this post is that I know my bendix often sticks in the ring gear, I just quickly reach down and pull up the floor pedal to disengage. Is there a chance Mr. Clark that you could have driven with the starter stuck in the ring gear? Though I think this would have been very noisy. The starter would act as a generator, backfeeding the electrical system and itself would eventually sustain severe mechanical damage since these models were not designed to act a generators. For troubleshooting determine if any other electrical devices work, i.e. - headlamps, horn, dash lamps? As for the starter smoking, a motor is a dead short when it is not turning, the expanding and collapsing magnetic field is what provides the electrical resistance. This is what is called, locked rotor amps and they can be very very high. As SC38DLS said, points, loss of power to the coil, a short in the coil to points somewhere would be much more likely suspects for the engine dying. There is an overcurrent relay on mine mounted right beside the fuel gauge. It buzzes like crazy if I try to draw too much current. I think all of the power coming into the car goes there from the starter connection. It would be a good place to start. One last thing, the car should be a positive ground vehicle the exact opposite of a modern car, don't mess this one up. The starter doesn't care, it will run backwards, nor do the lights or coil, however I doubt your generator would survive a reverse connection long since I believe it will try to run as a motor.
  5. Waiting on a tow

    Post some good pictures of your starter please. Include any mechanical or electrical connections. Mine is completely mechanical, as you step on the starter pedal in the cabin it pushes in the starter lever to engage the bendix (they call it a pinion) with the ring gear on the flywheel and finally pushes down on the starter switch to energize its motor.
  6. Waiting on a tow

    You didn't happen to put in a battery switch did you?
  7. Studebaker Identification

    Two things struck me about this thread. First of all, until perusing this discussion, I did not appreciate the artistic value of modified / customized automobiles. Well except those modified for special purposes like movies or to fulfill a utilitarian need. The other is how well the persons on this forum write. This may or may not imply something about the membership of this particular forum but I would rather think that it does. "Any ol' who", I think the Internet needs more civil, though sometimes not too civil, discourse like this. I also think there should be room for those whose tastes run to customization as well as those whom prefer to keep everything as originally produced.
  8. Looking at this pic of Kclark's picture of his 1928 Dictator Six, it looks like it came with 6.50-19 tires. My 29-30 GL Dictator had this size for the spare.
  9. Old Car Factories

    I know of two that are still standing in Indianapolis, The Stutz factory which is now a business center. Also one building of the Duesenberg Motors Company that now houses IndyGo's bus garage.
  10. Rebuilding a Stromberg UR-2

    Only a guess but since they are just an accelerator pump I doubt it will matter which you use because they only shoot in gas when you press the throttle quickly.
  11. Were there not also solid steel wheels? I am not sure if they mounted the same as the wood using rims or not. Also has anyone ever heard of one of these wood wheels failing while driving. I have worried a bit of what would happen if one my nearly 90 year old wood spokes failed at say 35 or 40 mph. I am glad I put seat belts in the car as I suppose it would be a hell of a crash.
  12. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    I turned in about 5 of them. So far I have received 2. I also found out that you cannot drop off the old return at a FedEx location, you have to call and have them picked up.
  13. Early 1920s Studebaker ?

    As for improving conditions in Indiana here are a couple of picture of a 12 year old me after the blizzard of 1978. I don't remember any winter worse than this one. I was pleased because we missed nearly a month of school since Indiana was not prepared to deal with this kind of weather. For weather like you speak of one would have to get pretty far south though the temps warm quite quickly as you go. We traveled to the Bahamas last January, were it is nearly always summer and nearly froze but that is how the cookie crumbles.
  14. stromberg ux for my 28 dictator

    I reused what was there, someone had put a modern spark plug wire on #6 and I have not gotten around to ordering any more of the straight down ends.
  15. Early 1920s Studebaker ?

    It's winter here in Indiana but we have been enjoying an unusually warm spell. It looks like that will come to an end next week as old man winter blows in. I am glad I have a heated garage. In the land of the Hoosiers we will see often see swings like this, sometimes within one day. It leaves me torn on global warming, it has actually been improving the climate in Indiana.