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  1. '91 Polo Green

    Headlamp Switch Assembly - Repair

    Does anyone know what is broken inside of an '91 Headlight switch, if your Parking Light Switch won't 'Click-down and stay down, to leave parking lights on? The headlight switch tilts and clicks-down as it should, but I couldn't see what was missing or broken on the "Parking lights" switch. Something wrong under the little white piece, I know, but what?? Also none of the Button Lights are working, so a picture or diagram, or schematic of the headlight switch would be awesome - and since I haven't been able to get repair manuals yet - could someone be so nice as to send me the dash wiring diagram? (giantfoamsales at gmail) And while I do have the diagrams for the engine compartment I can't find the dash or body wiring diagram anywhere. My local library gave all of their "Old" Automotive repair manuals to a "Trade High school" in the area, so I missed out there. Thanks for all of your help guys - I really do appreciate it! - And I'm loving this car more and more every time I drive it. Jerome
  2. '91 Polo Green

    Strut and/or Shock Replacement

    Thanks to all you guys!, for helping me and advising me on this issue. I think I have a good understanding of the details now, and look forward to getting my baby back to normal. Just about to put the new Sumitomo 225/60/16s on her tomorrow. Yee-haw!
  3. '91 Polo Green

    Strut and/or Shock Replacement

    My front end seems to have a VERY small amount of 'Clunk' and 'Galloping' to it. And my question is: Will new shocks typically remedy this? Or is the 'Clunking' (Just a small amount on rough roads) indicate the need to replace the complete 'strut or tower assembly', or simply one of the components? i.e. Top mount etc.? (In addition to the shocks) Thanks, Jerome
  4. '91 Polo Green

    reatta tire size

    Padgett - Love the Honda Spacy. Here is my '86 Helix with 6k orig miles.
  5. '91 Polo Green

    reatta tire size

    Thank you Padgett - might consider different wheels at some point but enjoying the look of the original '91s for now. I like the look of those Gold Anodized wheels on your GTP, but guessing they won't fit our reattas.
  6. '91 Polo Green

    reatta tire size

    My bad guys (Disregard Previous response) I really must start reading entire posts before commenting or posting questions.
  7. '91 Polo Green

    reatta tire size

    Evenin' all! Anyone else have 225/60/16s on their Reatta? I noticed the bottom strut plate is just about an inch above my existing 215s, so wondering if there will need to be an augmentation of that 'Spring plate' for clearance, to accommodate the larger circumference of the 225's? '91 Polo Green Reatta '71 Volvo P1800e '68 Duo X15 Ski Boat '86 Honda Helix Scooter '73 FMC 2900R Motorcoach
  8. '91 Polo Green

    Help to Open a Stuck/broken Glove Box Latch

    Thanks Barney, and everyone else who answered. I got her open and am going to source another one in Tan, then simply exchange the lock cylinder. Jerome
  9. Hello All- So out of the blue, my glove box (that is unlocked) won't open. The latch seems to be a bit free-er in movement than I remember. Saying that, it feels TOO freely moving now and must have broken something inside. ?? Does anyone know, or have experience getting glove boxes open in this situation? ANY Help would be greatly appreciated. My guess would be some sort of clever wire hoop to get behind the 'Upside-down trigger' looking thing and release it, or moved out of the way long enough to get door open. But maybe there is a way to come up under the glove box liner or something crazy I not aware of! ? Thanks! JW '91 Polo Green Reatta '68 Duo X15 Runabout '86 Honda Helix '71 Volvo P1800E
  10. '91 Polo Green

    Front bumper pushed back slightly on one side

    Thanks Barney, where can I purchase a new shock mount, or what buick part numbers will work? Thanks, JW
  11. Hi guys, newbie here - my front bumper is pushed back approx. 2", into the wheel well, on drivers side; is there a simple way to fix this issue? Thanks, JW