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    Restored; 1913 ford touring, 1930 ford 2 door, 1930 ford coup and now I'm starting on a 1925 Maxwell coup.
  1. Model 25 conrods - and socks!

    Hi Take out all the spark plugs and turn the engine over slowly, if it turns freely and you have compression on all cylinders you should be OK. The sock might have been used to plug the oil filler tube at one time. Let me know how you come out. Gordon
  2. 1925 Maxwell crankshaft seal

    What does a 1925 Maxwell eng. have for a front crankshaft seal? My eng. does not have one.
  3. Drawing of distributor

    I plan to use the drive gear housing with the JBweld and a piece of 1 inch copper pipe, for a bushing to fit a 1927 chev. dist. I used the Max. Dist. gear.
  4. Drawing of distributor

    Build it up using all the pieces with J B weld
  5. Distributor

    Need a distributor mounting block for a1925 maxwell. phone # 701 641 8108 Would also like to talk to other 1925 maxwell owners. Email