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  1. I must be a magnet for scammers. I have been emailing with someone who say they have a Maxwell engine. I used all the tips I got from this forum to check this out. Send money first to a bank, no name or address, no photos until I money sent and so on. I Googled the email address and found that several other car related sited listed this as a scam. There are 2 emails, So If you hear from these emails be careful. Thanks for all the tips. I learned a lot. I still need the 2 cyl. Maxwell engine crankcase. Steve
  2. As I said earlier, the guys rebuilding this engine are two of the best in the hobby. So I think I'll wait for a replacement crankcase. I would like to thank everyone for their responses as this has been most interesting to me. Steve
  3. We tour all of our as often as possible. If I were to tell you the 2 guys doing this who said they wouldn't trust this crankcase on long or repeated tous, you would agree with them that this is not repairable. So I'm still looking for a replacement. Steve
  4. First let me thank you for all your help in this Quest, I thought I would update you on where I am. 1. I still have no crankcase at this time, but have a couple more leads to follow up. So let me know if if any you have any other leads. 2. I talked to several people about welding and or stitching with not much positive response. 3. the idea of recasting the block with a better grade of aluminum is a possibility. I would like to see if anyone has a source for. this. I know this is a loaded question about how much do you think it would cost ? About how long would it take? I also think there is a need for this part, so I wonder how many others would like to participate in this project Again, Thanks for your help, Steve
  5. I thought that I would let you know what happened yesterday. A few days ago I listed on this forum, wanted a Maxwell 2 cylinder engine,by the way I still need this engine. I got a call from a guy in Nevada who said he was cleaning out his house and garage and his father had 2 of the crankcase/blocks that I needed. After several calls the cost came up and he said it would be about$150 to ship them. [how did he know that at 7am Nevada time} The total cost would $500-550 including shipping. Then how to pay came up. No checks of any kind , a possible credit card transfer or bank cash transfer. He said he would call me back but I never heard a thing. I was very skeptical about this whole deal. I found out one thing that we all can use. If you do Google search on a phone number it sould tell you if the phone number is legitimate or not. If you get a call from number 775 455 6818. be very careful. Steve
  6. The crankcase is an aluminum alloy so I don't know about welding?
  7. To answer some of the questions posted here goes: 1. The part that is cracked is the crankcase. 2. The guys that are are two of the best in the country and I trust their recommendation for a new crankcase.ebuild 3. this is a fresh rebuild and the problem appeared on the initial test drive.
  8. I just out found out that the engine block in my 1909 Model A Maxwell engine has a non=repairable crack. My question is are 2-cyl. Maxwell engines interchangeable? Does anyone have or have any leads on where I might find one? Thanks, Steve
  9. I don't post on the forums very often but when something this momentous happens I think it deserves to recognized. I think that increasing the AACA Library's collection, preserving the collection and making this information available are the most important functions of AACA. Just think that if there were not dedicated people to this rask how would the rest of us be able to restore, maintain and enjoy this great hobby of ous. GREAT JOB<WELL DONE to all those who made this happen. Steve R.
  10. Mission Accomplished, RIP, TOP, HUURAAH.
  11. Does anyone have a 2 cyl. Maxwell commutator or commutator parts that they would be willing to sell? Steve 770 578 0251.