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  1. Thanks for all your efforts. Brenda and I will be there. Steve
  2. Steve, Is judges registration available? Here are some other questions: 1. Is there going to be a breakfast on Saturday, if so in the Giant Center? 2. Are there going to be typical Friday activities eg. Judges School, Round Tables etc. 3. Parking? 4. Is the show going to be in its regular location? Thanks, Steve
  3. Brenda and I were signed up and were sad to see the Glidden cancelled. We have chaired several AACA and HCCA tours and have attended a bunch. As previously stated there are a lot of parts that have to come together to put on one of these events. I would like to see the people who a complaining try to organize one. As the old saying goes " those who do the least complain the most is true. Many thanks to all of the Glidden group for trying to make this happen in these uncertain times. I'm sure it will be rescheduled when things get back to the Old Normal. Steve and Brenda
  4. With The flea market canceled this year, maybe AACA National and the Hershey region can address some of the common complaints: 1. Maybe try to organize vendors by similar interests. eg. all the Packard guys together. 2. Consolitading the flea market so it is not so spread out with so many almost empty rows. 3.If this was done, a lot of the space on the Giant Center side could be used for parking especially on Saturday.
  5. Steve, with all the different strings being pulled in many directions this decision, though a sad one was the smart one. I'm sure our great hobby will survive and come back stronger. BUT I will miss Brother Joe's Pizza and dinner at Vino. Everyone connected keep smiling . Steve
  6. A friend of mine had some ball caps made with a very appropriate saying for this discussion and our country in general " MAKE AMERICA THINK AGAIN" Steve
  7. I hate all these stupid modern abbreviations, BTT, OP, BRT etc. I will not answer an add with this crap. M Xmas. Steve
  8. My father got me a membership when I got back from Viet Nam. Then I went to college. I became a life member in the early 80's. AACA has been huge part of Mine and Brenda's Social life.
  9. Several years ago we did quite a few programs about this on my radio show. We had a lot of experts like the an engineer from pennzoil, the cam guy from Crane cams etc. The takeaway from these guys is the following as I remember: 1. Zinc was added in the 50's when the manufacturers started offering high performance flat tappet engines also had high pressure valve springs. The oil of the time was unable to handle the high pressure. 2. As the performance wars increased spring pressure increased making the use of zinc more essential. 3. With the advent of emission laws spring tension dropped. 4. As stated earlier the zinc would effect the catalytic converter because in would plug the cells. 5. Somewhere in the 90's The converter cell count went from 200 to 400 cells per inch making them more prone to plug with zinc. 6 the increased use of hydraulic valve lifters and overhead cam engines made zinc non essential. so bottom line is if you have a car that is earlier than the mid 50's you probably don't need any additives, they didn't know about zinc anyway. If you have a high performance non CAT car it can't hurt. According to Crane they have changed the metallurgy of the cams they sell. I'm not a big fan of additives so it's your choice.
  10. My father was involved in AACA while I was growing up in Western NY, so i was exposed to this at an early age When I got home after TET of 1969 I really wanted a "Vette" but no company would insure a Vietnam vet in a corvette. I ended up buying a 1969 GTO, Carnival Red convertible, hood tach, 4 speed, 4.11 posi. and a reverb. I could insure this car as a Lemans. Love those C-Rats.
  11. I wish that people would quit whining. Buy wat cars you like and can afford without hurting your nestegg. The drive thr hell out of them as long as you can. I've never seen an armored car follow a hearse. Steve /rinaldo
  12. If you are looking for something to do while having your Saturday morning cup of coffee, I thought I would make a suggestion. For about 15 years I have hosted a radio show about classic cars. The format is we try to get a guest that is involved with the old car hobby. Some of the people we have had on the show include our own Steve Moskowitz and Chris Ritter, Bob Wallace from J.C. Taylor, Coker Tire. NPD, Dr. Simeone, various other suppliers. museums and automotive schools. The list is too long to list them all. To find the program go to "America's Web Radio" on Saturday morning 8 am. You can also download an archived programs any time. If you know of someone or a business that would make a good guest let us know. you can use the website e-mail. Thanks and stay safe.
  13. I recently finished prostate radiation treatments at Emory University Cancer center and had no issues. During my last week I thought I might have a way to get a smile out of the people at the facility. I made a sign that said " WILL WORK FOR TOILET PAPER" and hung it around my neck with a test lead. When I walked into the facility the staff cracked up. They took a picture and blew it up and put it on the bulletin board that you see when you first enter the building. Make your own sign and wear it when you go out when needed and watch the response you get. Take care and stay safe. Steve and Brenda Rinaldo
  14. I'm sure I have some paint masks in the shop,so i'll bring them to our local FD.