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    male 69 years young like to tour with old cars and work on same
  1. 28-27-buick

    28 carb corrosion

    Larry I am driving a 1928 standard . the marvel has a cast bronze body. I am trying out a light mixture of transmission fluid in the fuel to see if this will help. Herb
  2. 28-27-buick

    28 carb corrosion

    Thank you for the information. I will try using a oil mix and see if this might help HERB
  3. 28-27-buick

    transmission not shifting.

    HI My 91 reatta would not shift out of low .I changed the tranny filter and put in new fluid. This fixed my problem.. Just something to consider. Herb
  4. 28-27-buick

    28 carb corrosion

    I am having trouble with corrosion in my brass body marvel carb. I have cleaned the system and went to nonethenal gas. I have marine stable in the fuel. any idea how to fix this. Herb
  5. 28-27-buick

    29-27 starting problem

    Do you have spark at the plugs? have you checked the timing? Herb 28-27 buick
  6. 28-27-buick

    '28 gas gauge cable repair

    hello. I used piano wire on my 28 gas gauge. I believe this is what was used when the car was built. Herb in mi.
  7. 28-27-buick

    Fan Assembly

    machine a new hub and have sealed bearings pressed in. no more oil spray or worn bushings. Also make a new shaft . Herb
  8. 28-27-buick

    A C pipe insulation

    Thank you for the picture it answered my question. Herb
  9. 28-27-buick

    A C pipe insulation

    Good Morning. On my 91 reatta the AC hose on the passenger side is insulsted with a standard house foam pipe insulation. Is there a factory insulation for this or has someone put their own idea to work on this. the line comes from back by the fire wall and goes down the front of the engine about center. It goes quite close to the exhaust manifold. Also there is a short piece of black foam on the pipe by the shock tower. Herb
  10. 28-27-buick

    1927 Roof Moulding

    I bought my roof channel from bobs autmobilia in Ca. there are two differant types. one is for the sides and one for the front and back. I hope this helps. Herb
  11. 28-27-buick

    1931 buick coupe

    Does PA. by chance happen to use the engine numder for registration. Here in mich. the engine number is used on both my 28 and 31. I would check with the state. Herb in Mich.
  12. 28-27-buick

    Wanted - 1925 Buick radiator hose support for bottom hose

    larry What is the CLR mix that you used on your radiator? I am having some overheat problums on my 31 . Herb in Mich.
  13. 28-27-buick

    27 oil pressure and pump

    there should be a bress Y fitting at the back of the engine. one line goes to the pressure gauge the other to the filter, if no filter the line will go to the side of the the head to oil the rocker arms. Connect to the oil pressure side of the brass y fitting as this is a direct connection to the pump by way of a internal line. I would drop the pan and check the pump and lines from the pump . the pump has a brass bottom plate that could be worn on the inside. the pump gears should have a .001 clearance to this plate.If you wish to check this you will have to remove the pump[ two bolts] and Also check the spring to the pressure valve. I have also found the brass tube that takes the oil to the mains to have cracks in it. also have found the pickup screen pluged. Also check the gear that runs on the cam for wear. this is a few things that i have encountered. Herb in mi.
  14. 28-27-buick

    1925 Fan Hub Bearing

    I have used the solid hub with sealed bearings for some time with no problems. Also I do not have to worry about the hud throwing oil all over. Herb