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1988 Buick "Press Kit"


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Just purchased one and am concerned that it may not be complete since Reatta information is very sparse.<P>Contains a number of stapled "Buick News" sheets dated 26 August 1987 plus one four page Reatta announcement dated 22 Jan, 1988. There are seven "specifications" seets on the various models but none for Reatta.<P>The package also has a sheet of 16 slides (one on a Reatta exterior), and 15 pages of B&W photos (2 per page) with one page having two exterior shots. There are no shots of the interior.<P>Was particularly surprised at the lack of a "specifications" sheet which prompted the post: is this press kit complete or are pages missing ? Does anyone have one of these they check ?<P>It is in a soft paper folder with pockets on either side, predominantly white with burgandy trim & letering. The inside RIP "Buick Motor Division <cr> Public Relations"<P>Thanks for the help.

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