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1988 Reatta/looks like good deal

Barney Eaton

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Just had a call from the original owner of a early 1988 and he wants to sell it.<BR>The car is in Chicago area, has 86k miles, vin number is 900473 making it very early and it is black with tan(suede). <BR>The problems he listed are. air needs work, headliner needs replaced, and there is an electrical problem that drains the battery.<BR>He just spent $600 on the brakes. He also indicated the tires are good and have about 26k on them. He is not on the internet so<BR>contact would be via phone 630-778-8474 and he would like to get $3000. He indicated the interior and exterior are very good, no damaged panels or rust.<P>This sounds like a good deal if you are looking for a black car.

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