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Questions on D-35

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Does anyone know the length of battery to ground cable and battery to generator cable? Also, dimensions of battery hanger bracket, also, the outside diameter of the radiator pad, and are grease cups available in stainless steel? Where does the horn button mount? I'm new to Buick and totally confused. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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The battery to ground wire is #1 size black insulated wire 14 1/4 inches long. The wire goes into the terminal clamp from the side and the measurement is from the side oposite where the wire enters the clamp to the connection on the other end of the wire. On the end that the bolt goes through, the measurement is to the end of the connector but not including the flat part with the hole for the bolt. There are no dimensions for the other items.

Send me your e=mail address and I will e-mail you a page from the illustrated parts book.

The book shows the radiator pad to be a round washer but does not give dimensions. I can send you that page also. Perhaps you can blow up the picture until the bolt hole is the right size and then measure the diameter of the washer.

I would recomend you subscribe to the 1916 to 1918 Mc Laughlin news letter. You will be in contact with owners of the same car you have who are very willing to help you. The author is DGTyron@aol.com.

Ask him for a sample copy.



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