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buick 1938 questions

daniel boeve

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My 1938 buick is assembled in Antwerp belguim in 1938.Only 52 have been assembled out of the USA ?It has no sideways foldup seats and another one in Beguim has them .Two versions ??it came new with vinyl interior but nobody believes it ?i need some parts like map light and a step plate on the bumper and some little parts .Can anybody help , thanks .Daniel

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Guest DaveCorbin

Dear Daniel:

If you post the numbers on the data plates, I may be able to help you. You should find 3 plates. The first is called a "body plate" and may have some numbers stamped in that are called "trim code" and "Paint code". The second is a GM of Europe tag with more numbers stamped in. Both of these plates are usually mounted on the firewall in the engine compartment. The third, which is hard to read and see is called the "frame number plate" and is mounted on top of the frame rail just behind the battery. The first two plates should be about 8 CM square each. The third plate is about 2CM wide and 8 CM long and will contain 8 digits, probably starting with 1 and the second digit should be a 3. I can de-code some or all of them to help you.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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