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Wiring Loom 48LC-Ammeter

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Was working on instruments under dash and notice spark at ammeter. Wiring has lost insulation at loops on ammeter. I havent seen what this should look like when loom was new or how wire is supposed to go thru loops of ammeter. Can I just wrap tape around bare wire and put thru loops again? Dont want to get new loom at this time.

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I trust you have your battery cables off the battery, a short on the ammeter can cause a fire, that heavy wire that runs through the loops is read by the ammeter right through the insulation, if the insulation is gone, it will short out, very dangerous!! An effective repair would be to splice in the bad section of wire with those plastic connectors, putting a new short piece of wire through the ammeter loop, making sure it runs the same way through the loop, that should make it good for another 58 years, good luck, Rolf

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