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1903/04 Buicks


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The register shows only one '04 and none on the '03 Buicks. Does anyone know if there are any more at Mueseum's or in warehouse's or garages across the U.S.? I really felt honored to have seen the '04 at Flint for the "Centenial" show but wish there were more still around. If anyone knows of any others and has pictures of them please share them with all of us! wink.gif Thnx Hans

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Hans, A pictorial of the restoration of the 1904 Buick you saw is at 1929Buick.com. There are a few hundred pics that show the components and build stages. You won't find an older auto in the Buick family tree. You could have had a ride at Batavia!! Ken

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On the www.1929buick.com web site there is a listing of the remaining 1905 Buicks (and who owns them) as well as the pictorial of the restoration of the 1904 (only one)


The Minden car is the oldest 1905 by engine flywheel number.

Ken, previous poster, was a major contributor to the 1904 restoration project. It was completed in Freeland, Michigan at Slims Body works where they did all the paint and body work. Interior was completed by a 100 year old shop in Flint, who also does the Sloan/GM restoration work.

As an interesting side note, the 1904 was finished at 6am in the morning of the Saturday of the 100 Year meet. It almost didnt make it as it really looked like it was going to rain. Good thing we brought a canopy.


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