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  1. My ultimate car, would be a fully optioned 1959 Buick Electra 225 Convertible in Glacier Green!
  2. My car "Roxann" Is a '59 Invicta cnvt. and has p.steering, brakes,top, delux spinner hubcaps, dual delux lic. plate frames , all manuels oil tags et... She has 46,750 miles orig. on her with documentation and has been fully restored.
  3. All of the pictures were awesome! If I was to vote, I'd have to say the pictures of the Lavender "Woody" was my favorite. I think thats the pretties one I've seen so far. Thanks for sharing the pictures and wish I could have went. My last National was Flint in '03 An I really regret not being able to go the last few years! Next year for shure! Hans
  4. Well, I can't afford that either, but it truely is a beautifull car! Hans
  5. What a story! I love that '08! If you ever wanted to trade let me know! Hans
  6. Did anyone ever confirm what year the Buick is? Hasn
  7. The Velite, to me should be a car that is put on the road. It looks very sporty and something that would help Buick stay alive in today's market! Hans
  8. In heaven,I hope there is Buicks! If not He went there in style! Hans
  9. ^To me the '58-59 Buicks were the greatest an had represented the 50's well! The fins,the chrome,the size and "Glamour". In my opinion!http://www.buick-59.com/gallery2/d/10503-2/B59m4839+WhiteRR+ex+HansKaser_TX+-+now+WolfgangGeisler+_Nils__Memmingen_Allg__u.jpg!!!!! Hans
  10. I think they are one of the best darn car on the road at this time. I will have to say maybe a close second to the SRT8 300C! Hans
  11. The 225 at Classical Gas is in need of alot! I have pics of it when it was from Idaho I think,and it had alot of spare parts so it might be comingwith most of the parts you would need to fix it up! Hans
  12. I still have one with the key, I have one exactly like the one you have pictured. Hans
  13. Did anyone go to Hershey and see a '59 Buick convertible and get pictures of it?I called two weeks ago about this car and the seller said he was in rout to so he couldn't send me pictures. If anyone has some pics of the car can you please foward to me Thnx Hans
  14. Will do, and I'll send you an email when I get my scanner going again. I'll send a copy of that picture. Hans
  15. Well, as alot of you may know,those who like '59 Buick's the new site is running pretty good now and is a great place to go. PLease all '59 owner's join up and see this thing wounderful site. It's amzing what's already started. see ya there! Hans
  16. Tiger Woods is a class act, so why wood anyone want to do that, Jerks I hope what goes around comes around!
  17. Dave, I love the way you set it up also nothing like giving it a little gas to get thing's started, huh? Just long as we don't flood it and we don't miss the show. Hans
  18. All you '59 Buick owners and lover's of these cars, need to check out www.buick-59.com it is up and running! I already love the site since for many years I've been wanting to set this up myself but never knew how to do it. So everybody check it out and participate. Thnx Hans
  19. Yes, it's on ebay an if I had extra money,I'd buy it! What a beautifull car!
  20. Alot of folk's are headed here to San Antonio, Tx. and the traffic on the east side of town is horrable. So if your headed here, alow lots of extra time. I am so proud of my town, we still have an unreal amount of people from "Katrina" and now more are coming! I still say that's why the "Spur's" are so great.We have a town that has a Heart and this town has so much to offer bcause of it's wounderfull people! Bill, if your coming here let me know in a private msg maybe we can get together fo a cup of coffe. Hans
  21. This was cool to see but, I would never buy it either since I like them the way they came from the factory! Anyone interested in a '59 "Sunset Glow" Pontiac here is an unbeleavable car!
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