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1912 Pierce Arrow Motorcycle Engine For Sale

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I have a complete 1912 four cylinder Pierce Arrow motorcycle engine. I am not sure that I will sell this, but I am considering it. The engine is complete, and in very good shape. The original exhaust, carb, flywheel, and intake are all still there. The Engine has been stored in a dry area and was stored full of oil. It turns over easily, but does still have compression. All valves still actuate off of the cams, and I'm sure it would run with just cleaning and adjusting of all the appropriate parts.

I am curious as to what the value of this engine would be.

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Hi- Ed is very knowledgable about Pierce items, so he is in the ballpark. I might be interested in the engine if you decide to sell in that price range. It seems that the Pierce motorcycles are rare, but there are quite a few engines out there. Frames are what are scarce; I talked to one gentleman who paid $20k for a frame and was tickled pink. thanks David traco@shentel.net

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