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2001 sales numbers


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For those who are interested, I found the CALENDER year sales numbers for Buick. These are from the top 50 best selling models in the US: <P>#14 - LeSabre - 145,304<BR>#17 - Century - 142,157<BR>#40 - Regal - 49,992<BR>#50 - Park Avenue - 36,454 <P>What was interesting to me especially is that in the CY 2000 sales, the LeSabre only led the Toyota Avalon by about 20,000 units (can't find the exact figures at the moment). This year the Avalon (which AMAZINGLY some people polled thought it looked like it was a Buick (????)) dropped way off in sales & was down about 62,000 units from the LeSabre!<P>With all the aimless talk of Buick being eyed to possibly be discontinued (there is no more hideous & foul a term than "Oldsmobiled"), factually; Buick has 4 of their 5 models in the top 50 and 2 of those in the top 20. Invest some GM cash and spring at least 1 new model and things should get even better. <P>But with the Bengal canceled and the Century & Park Avenue to be dropped (is that correct??), it's almost like GM is cutting off it's toes one-by-one and saying 'See, not walking so well!' each time.

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