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Can anybody tell me were i can get updated rims ,,or size ? for 1949 buick Super ,, I am looking to go to new radials,, but would like to keep my wide whites on the rims i have now,, i am looking for a rim that i can replace the orignals ,, any help would be appreciated ,,Thanks confused.gif" border="0

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I am using the origional 1950 rims on my 1950 Roadmaster with steel belted radials and have not had any problems. <P>I heard that you had to shot peen the rims to make them servicable with radials but I already had gone through one set of radial tires and was half way throught the second set with no problems so I just left them on the car. I drive the car every day and use it on the freeway at 65 mph. I expect that if there was going to be failure, it would have happened by now. <P>Are 49 rims made the same as 50 rims?<P>I put radial tire tubes in my radials because the rim may not be air tight as on rims made for radial tires.

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