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1924 Lincoln: Need Help!

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We are trying to restore a 1924 Lincoln, type 123 4 passenger phaeton. So we need a help on a couple of things at this point. We are looking for a stamped steel wiring harness COVER for the right side that bolts on the engine side of the firewall. We also need to take off the windshield frame that is attached to the cowl. We need to figure out how many bolts and exactly where the bolts are that are holding the frame to the cowl. Will we need to pull the dash board out to accomplish this? Any help or leads on the above are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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A few comments. These questions should have been posted in the technical forum. I almost didn't see it here in the general section. Have you considered joining the Lincoln Owners Club (LOC)? http://www.lincolnownersclub.com The LOC membership can greatly aid you with your project. Also please contact me directly at friartuck@monmouth.com I'm sure there will be many questions along the way where I can help.

I believe the windshield frame is held by machine bolts that go through the wooden cowl frame into the bottom of the windshield frame. Going by memory, there are six total, three per side. That's the way it is on my 1930 touring. To get access to these, you probably need to remove the dash. That's held by wood screws along the top and side perimeter of the dash into the wooden cowl frame. You don't say why the windshield frame has to come out. As for the stamped steel wiring cover, also called a loom cover, those should be available. I'm making a big assuption that the earlier model L's use the same loom cover as the later ones. E-mail me and I'll provide several sources. Would like to know how you came about the car. I've posted a pic of my 1930 type 177.

Chris W.

Asst. Tech Advisor

L series, LOC

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