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  1. Hey Matt! Like most things, this is a case of taste (or lack of) for most people. I saw a 1960 VW with wide whites and it was <span style="font-weight: bold">cute</span> ! And I like that Phord Pickup with the white walls! Its well restored and painted, and looks really nice. Not as a manure hauller but a town truck. I agree that the special cars like the Duesenberg and Packards look better in black walls, but I never liked Cadillacs in black walls except for the War years because that is how they were delivered. Cadillacs are supposed to have a little flash. I will say,
  2. Around 1946, my Uncle came home from the Pacific and pulled the 1936 Ford coupe w/ rumble seat, out of the garage, cleaned it up and headed out to drive it. When cleaning it, he realized the tires were too worn out and went to see if he could get white walls for it. No deal. GrandDad could have told him that... he had black walls on all his cars. WWs were too picky... you had to bleach and clean and scrup to get them to look good. Not something my Grandfather would be caught dead doing. As it turned out, WW's were not available but you could get new BWs with a white applique to make them W
  3. Jack, you are absolutely correct. Up to 40, my speedo reads about 4 miles an hour short of the real speed. Then over 40 it goes to about 5 over. So when I did the test, the speedo read about 207 or so...I was really paying attention to the road. It was not unusual for cars of this era to go quite fast. My Father drove all over the Dakotas, Minnesota and Wisconsin hale adjusting in the early 1950s, and frequently drove the back roads at 95 in his 1948 Chrysler. Whether this was INSANE or not is up to you. I remember trips from Mankato to Columbia, Mo at 95 to 100 in our 1956 Plymouth (3
  4. Well Joe, I do not know what the published top speed is (I believe the quoted 108 is right) but I had my 1947 sedan up to 102 recently on a long open road in a remote area. I changed the oil, checked all of the fittings and then took Dutch out for a romp. I am not sure it would be a good idea to keep it at that speed, but the engine handled it easily. The front end was a little weak though, so I brought it down to a more reasonable 65 mph.
  5. Dave, I spend much of my time with my 19 year old son in his efforts at SCCA racing and old car restoration. It is time I will always cherish. You are truly fortunate to have a father who shares your interest and time. Good luck in everything! God bless.
  6. A beautiful car. Did you restore it or find a great buy somewhere? Its good to see another great '50s GM car out there.
  7. I am not going to be much help, Hal, but I can tell you that the 1/4" glass fit my '47 Cadillac without a problem.
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