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1911 Maxwell AB


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Hey All!


So I've posted this to the Maxwell Brisco Owners Group, as well as the Maxwell FB page, but figured I'd cover all bases by posting it here as I'm certain people would enjoy seeing all of this.


I recently acquired a 1911 Maxwell AB which has been off the road since about 1968 (last registration I the previous owner's son could find anyway).  All the brass had been stored in a cardboard box and wrapped in newspapers dated 1968.  Thankfully the car had been stored in a building that was relatively dry and protected from the elements.  Mice did get into the car, but didn't eat any upholstery - just built a nest there (they may have used stuffing from the Model A next to the Maxwell).


I drove up to see the car in NY and made the deal over the phone.  Upon first examination I think the car may be original and unrestored, but could just be an aged older restoration.  I actually have a list of owners since new and the car didn't leave NY until my purchase.  The car is absolutely complete in every regards with the only added parts being a 1950's rear view mirror bolted to the wooden section of the dash, and an exhaust whistle added in.


Picking up the car was a bit nerve wracking as I was unable to get a carrier to transport the car, so we rented a Uhaul truck and trailer and hoped for good weather - which we got.


After getting it home I did a full examination and took lots of pictures.  The only mechanical issue I could find (so far) is a stuck valve, which was easy to fix (a little heat and gentle persuasion).  After about 6 hours of cleaning oil lines, and ensuring there was adequate oil in the engine (added about a pint in via a bolt hole on the maneto), making certain the coil worked with a battery, I added some non-ethanol fuel to the carb, and began cranking.  The cylinders had a LOT of oil in it, and I was unable to capture the first start as I was unsure as to when it could 'catch' but after an hour of intermittant sputters and spits, it fired up.  Roughly.  The cloud of smoke was absolutely amazing.







The next morning I cleimage.jpeg.66df8997f9ea6b466b892c750906ee8a.jpeganed the ignition switch and adjusted the carburetor and got it to run decently.



Later I pulled it out of the garage and gave it a nice gentle cleaning with soap and water and put all the brass back on.  




So far so good.  I have a bit more work to do - like cleaning the fuel tank, setting up a proper battery under the seat, and making sure it will move under its own power.  I'm also in the process of treating the upholstery with Neatsfoot Oil - which its drinking up in spades!


Lastly, this is one of the cars that attended the revised Glidden Tour in 1946.  I did find a quick shot of it in the home movie the AACA posted to Youtube (still pictured here)






Will continue to post progress here as time goes on.




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Great car!  There are such things as Maxwell wrenches, I have seen them at Hershey.  The HCFI has period Maxwell literature on file, you will need to establish an account there to be able to download files.  www.hcfi.org


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Beautiful car. Will you keep it in its present condition? It would almost be a shame to restore it. Good luck with your project. Thanks for posting.

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On 6/1/2024 at 7:29 AM, bill witmer said:

Beautiful car. Will you keep it in its present condition? It would almost be a shame to restore it. Good luck with your project. Thanks for posting.



Car will be kept in it's current condition.  It has some mechanical issues - I'm in the process of tearing the differential apart as I think some of the spur gears are stripped (did confirm it wasn't the key on the wheel / hub).


Will be a neat car once mechanically sound...

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If you do not mind me asking where in New York was your car located? If you do not already belong consider joining the Horseless Carriage Club of America. Please post your progress.

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