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Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow and Frank Lloyd Wright


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Just got back from a trip to Buffalo, the home of Pierce Arrow.  

Enjoyed going by the PA museum. Great Cars on display. A must for PA people. 

Also included are Pierce manufactured bicycles and motorcycles along with birdcages and iceboxes

I forgot about the Frank Lloyd Wright gas station on site.


Thomas Flyer was also well represented and is another Buffalo brand


In keeping with the FLW-PA theme, we then went to see the Darwin D. Martin house, one of FLW's most famous houses and it was spectacular.

We went through the giftshop that used to be the stable/garage. In it's time it saw a couple horses, an electric car (type unknown to me) and three Pierce Arrows a 1916, 1925 and 1929.




PA Museum2.jpg

PA Museum3.jpg

PA Museum4.jpg

FLW gas station.jpg

PA blue.jpg

PA motorcycle.jpg

Martin house.jpg

Martin house2.jpg

Martin House3.jpg

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