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1951 Nash airflyte

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I'm looking at purchasing a 1951 Nash airflyte, it's been sorta redone a few years back. 

After talking to the seller , brakes have been done,  fuel lines done,has been changed to 12 volts. From what I gather is all it needs is a lot of cosmetic details done. Needs some trim pieces,and all the weather strips. Are parts hard to find,just doing a quick search I really can't find anything.

Asking price is 4,200. It does have a clear pa title. I have not yet seen in person yet, I will here in a few weeks. My daughter is going to check it out for me, she lives about 20 minutes away,I live 3 hours away.

Thanks for any information or advice.

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Statesman or Ambassador? It's a fairly dig difference. Hydramatic or stick? If stick, is there overdrive?


If you can't tell any other way, the Ambassador has a 9 inch longer nose and overhead valves. Look in the front floorboards for rust from a leaky windshield that can be structural. It is a unibody and the sheet metal "rails" run right through there. They are not hard starting cars, so the tampered electrical is a bit of a red flag. I drove my 51 Statesman several winters in central WA and never needed a jump. At least 2 years of that was on a Volkswagen battery. It gets below 0F fairly regularly in January here. The starter button is under the clutch pedal on sticks. Hold the clutch pedal hard to the floor to crank. On Hydramatics. pull the shift lever toward you to crank.



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I know it's not an ambassador, I thought the statesman was a two-door this is actually a four-door with a flathead six it is a standard shift.

Headliner and bows are missing some of the Chrome is missing it has been repainted in the past it doesn't look bad the seller's telling me it doesn't need a new hood which he has he is put on the fuel lines on it all new brakes on it all the way around, master cylinder wheel cylinders ,lines. 

He's had it converted to 12 volts why I don't know, I had a 51 desoto that was 6 volt and didn't have a problem with that. Said there's a small hole in the rear floor, and someone made new door cards for it but never finished them I don't have any pictures yet. 

It is 3 hours from me my daughter who lives about 20 minutes from where it's at is going to go take a look at it for me. The gentleman says it starts right up he's never had it out on the road because it's not licensed which to me I drive around the neighborhood all the time when I get something nobody ever bothers me and don't do anything stupid. 


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