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Just saw a sway bar mod that looks very interesting

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Was looking at a 37 sedan for sale somewhere the other day. It had been modified significantly inside and out so I was just looking at what had been done. While looking at the underbody though I spotted something interesting. 

Back story... I've been trying to correct my body role issue ever since I got my 37 on the road. Looked into upping my sway bay strength but unsuccessful in finding any real good options without $5k to invest. Ok. Back to story.


Looking at the suspension I spot what looked to be two sway bars in front and in back. As in, one bar right up next to another bar. And the closer I looked the more doable it appeared to be. A few extra brackets to link things together but for the most part, very doable.


in this case they used aftermarket bars along with factory bars but looking at it, there really isn't any reason why dual factory's front and back wouldn't bolt up fine. And yes this has every potential to make the suspension WAY too stiff but there's not much to loss by trying it.


My question is, has anyone else seen or tried this? 

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