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1931 Pontiac 401 valve springs

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Hello, my father is looking for valve springs for his 1931 Pontiac 401 as he has a broken one. Does anyone know a source? Another thread on here about the same subject from many years ago suggests egge in California, but their website search tool says they do not carry such an item. Please help! Thanks in advance. 

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As I think Bloo mentioned in another thread always call both egge or CPR  https://www.pontiacparts.net/contact/ their sites do not list all they have.


There was also a source for someone that did mostly rear end gears and such that did get back to me with valve train parts but I can't find the info at the moment Found it !

Al's Ring Gears  https://www.suehring.com/




You also might want to contact this member he msg me when I was looking for valves





I have the remnants of a Pontiac split head six engine.

Let me know if you need parts and I will check to see if available.

Lifter blocks and valve lifters are gone.



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