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Historical Information for Past AACA Award Winners


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Is there still historical information available on past winners?  I read about a book from Hershey at $4 that listed all past winners, but not sure if that is currently available and how to get one.


My Father showed a 1971 Pontiac Lemans in the 90's-00's and I do not have any of the trophys or awards anymore (still have the car) so I do not have show winning history.   VIN 235371Z116439


There also was an article in the AACA publication that was written about the car years ago.  I found a link online a few years ago and assumed I would always be able to find it, but cannot.  I was hoping to get a copy of the publication somehow, since we never retained a copy.


Thank you in advance.

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I believe with the VIN #, AACA HQ will be able to verify if your father’s car won an award(s), year(s) and category. You can call the HQ in Hershey, PA at 717-534-1910, M-F 8-4:30 ET and I’m sure one of the great staff can assist you. I would not be surprised if you get an answer via a reply here.  AACA CEO, magazine editor and some board members regularly view the forum and are great at answering questions like this. They may be able to guide you on how to get the past winners book and AACA publication you are seeking. A photo of the car is always appreciated here and consider joining AACA if not a member already. Good luck!

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If you made the title of what you seek clearer it would help. When I read it I thought you were looking for factory information, history not AACA award history.

I know you are new to this forums but you will reach a wider audience and thus a better response if you are not to general in what you state be just a bit more specific.

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  • 32fever changed the title to Historical Information for Past AACA Award Winners

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