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70 442 Temp Gage

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On the 70 442 Rally Temp Gage there are marks on the gage. One next to the C, one at 1/4, one at 1/2, one at 3/4 and one at H. What is the  temperature associated with each mark? My 442 runs at the 1/4 mark in town and gets up to the 1/2 mark on the interstate running 70MPH. What does your car show?TempGage.jpg.47051f87ae335d40b328535c88bd983f.jpg

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You're kidding yourself if you think there's a specific temp for each mark. Use that gauge more as an indicator of trending. If it's constant at a particular mark when you drive, it's fine. If it starts creeping up in traffic then watch it more closely. If you really want to calibrate it, get an IR thermometer and verify what the marks are.

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