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What has happened to the Peerless Club?


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 I understand that Richard passed away a couple of years ago. Back in 2013 the Pierce-Arrow Museum had a number of Peerless cars join us for our annual event. The Museum has a different kind of event coming up in August 2024 and we'd like to contact Peerless owners to invite participation. Can someone contact me?  Dave Stevens    (231)740-3610 or dstevens3d@msn.com

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Hi Dave,
   You're right, with Richard Lichtfeld's passing, the club is in disarray, to say the least. A new  editor of the Co-Operator newsletter was found, but business concerns made it impractical to continue for him. So the club is inactive...
   When David Baird ran Membership & the newsletter 10 or 12 years ago, things really got going, but he couldn't do it by himself despite the input of lots of time and funds. Unfortunately, he died in 2014.

   I'll try to put together some contact information of people with cars and send it to you. I still keep the KPAIE list.........370 vehicles thought to be still in existence, and try to keep the AACA Peerless Forum going. Glad you posted here! 

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