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6 Volt generator and wires

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I have A 1951 Chieftain with the 6 volt generator system, With some questionable wires linking the Generator to the voltage regulator.

The field wire is smaller than the armature wire and was wondering what gauge wire to use for replacements to get fresh wiring in there.



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The field wire is just a control wire and is probably 16. I am guessing 10 for the armature (and for the other big wire going inside the passenger compartment. Those carry all the current. I don't have a 51 manual. Do you? If so, look on the wiring diagram. It might be a little difficult to decipher, but Pontiac usually included it and it is probably there.

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Well that wasn't very nice of them.....  :D


I'm going to update my guess on the big one to #10 and edit my post above. I think you would be fine with #10 and #16. Bigger is better but the field wont care. If you have bare spots you could eyeball it and compare to the holes in a wire stripper. I don't think it could be 8. It just doesn't look big enough.

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