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1937 floorboard dust seals

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Super easy: first lube the dust covers in oil, then stretch over the pedals.


Then, I placed mine between the top floor panel and the sound-deading mat.


Then put the rubber flooring on top. 


All the weight of the mat and the rubber floor keep them locked in place.


These are the ones I used.




Going to be a few weeks before I can take photos.


Hope this helps.



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Thanks for the reply, in a different post someone wrote to put the flat side up to the bottom of the floorboard so when you push on the clutch/brake pedal the gasket would ride down with the arm and return back up and seal against the bottom of the floorboard when released. I'm guessing either would work, wondering which is correct. Also, the raised part of the gasket does it extend up into the cab or down towards the engine compartment? I'm aware that asking anyone to take photographs then post them is asking a lot however sometimes its the only way to see how exactly how its put together. Thanks again.

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Either way will work. Here is the drawing for the part number, this installation would follow your thoughts.


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Alan, that is exactly what I am looking for! I was pretty sure that was the way I understood the post but wanted to make sure before I put everything back together. I've never seen dustcovers underneath the floor pan or ride the arm like these do.  Thanks, Frank. 

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