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Information on 1947 Monarch's

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So this might be a bit of a challange, but figured if anyone knows about unusual cars, it'd be here.


I have a line on a 1947 Monarch convertible that might be coming up for sale. Owner has had it since the 60's or so, and it's pretty original. While I'm still waiting on photos (elderly owner so there's a bit of a delay), I dont know that the drivetrain is original, as is the interior and paint. The engine is seized, and apparently they were told the cost to fix is 10k which seems....high?


So I guess what I'm asking is this:


1) Any info on Monarchs, especially 47's. Trying to find info is like pulling teeth, like anything Canadian related it seems.

2) How to ensure that it's as original as possible

3) Is rebuilding a seized engine worth the bother?

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