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Help with where do these 1937 Pontiac 6 clips go??

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I started working on my grandfather's 1937 Pontiac Deluxe 6 Touring Sedan and the first thing I took off was the headlight lenses and rims and put them on a shelf for later work.  Well, to make a long story short I'm now at the point of finishing the headlight buckets.   I took the lenses off the shelf and found I had put these brass clips in the glass bowl cavity of the lenses but I have no idea where they go.  Can someone tell me or show me a pix of where these clips belong?  I'm just assuming they have something to do with the headlights but I don't know.


When I started working on the car I realized very early I was going to need photos of what things originally looked like.   It has saved me many times since I started photographing my progress but I guess I didn't start soon enough with that theory/practice in the case of these clips!


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I do have the shop manual, Norman, but I can't find anything in it related to the use of these brass clips.  I'm using the term 'clips' because I don't know what they do, maybe they don't clip anything.   I've looked into more than one on-line catalog and for Buicks as well but no luck.  I though I could maybe see a picture in a catalog and get a name or maybe the location of use that may help me search further but can't find any.  I don't own a chassis parts book.  I don't think these brass clips have anything to do with the headlights either.  I'd really like to know what they're for!   It's like finishing a project, stepping back to admire your work, then seeing some spare parts laying around you didn't use.  Very frustrating!

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Well, I thought someone would know what these brass looking clips are for!    No need to respond any further since I figured out where these 'springs' go during assembly of the finished parts.  Strange these springs weren't mentioned in the shop manual or in the exploded parts diagram of the headlight assembly in the manual either.   Guess they just expected you to know where they go.  Anyway, after I assembled the lens and ring together I had to stop, trying to figure out what holds the reflector to the lens assembly?   All of a sudden the springs made sense when looking at the buckets with the six notches in the edge contact surface.  The springs hold the reflector to the bucket not to the lens and ring like I initially was thinking.  It all made instant sense.  Guess I should have held my question until I attempted to assemble the entire bucket.


I shot a pix of the springs in action at the edge of the bucket below.


Maybe this thread will help someone in their project.





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